Anime Online Tier List - The Best Characters Ranked

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Image from Anime Online, showing a Roblox character mid-battle
April 18, 2022: Our most recent update was adding Yusuke into the Anime Online tier list for April 2022.

Searching for an Anime Online tier list? Our handy guide breaks down all the players in this hit Roblox game, so you know which to add to your roster. With characters based on some of the most popular anime out there, it's one thing to grab your favourites, but another thing to grab the best Anime Online characters.

Our Anime Online tier list will run through all the ever-popular characters in this PvP Roblox fighting game. We'll examine which ones are best in combat and explain to get new characters as well. And if you have the time to reroll for the best ones, we've got you covered there also.

Of course, Anime Online is far from the only Roblox game worth your time. Check out our Shindo Life codes for a head-start in another fighting game. And everyone loves tower defense, right? For that, there's All Star Tower Defense codes and the newer Tower Defense: Shinobi codes guide. Failing that, King Legacy codes and Blox Fruits codes remain as popular as ever.

Anime Online Tier List

Rank Character name
S+Speed O Sound Sonic, MoriJin, Naruto, Erza, TYBWIchigo,
SYusuke, Hinata, Vegeta, Rukia, Jonathan, Funny Valentine, Revy, Itachi, Kizaru, Aokiji
ANoelle, Saitama, Takemitchi, ChunLi, Doppio, Yoruichi, Power, Spider-Man, Laya Tybur
BGoku, Tatsumaki, Luffy, Eren, Gogeta, Pain, Jotaro, Chad, Yumeko, Ultra Instinct Goku, Makima, Rimuru,
CAsta, Ichigo, Killua, Natsu, Yuta
DMeliodas, Scorpion

Read on for our extensive Anime Online tier list. It covers all common, rare, and DLC characters in the game. No matter who you choose to play as, you can see their relative strength compared to other fighters. Note that this ranking comes from the developers Xen Productions itself, so it's the official Anime Online tier list, ranking each character with their designed tiers in mind.

Power creep will probably play a part in new character releases going forward, and with one set for each week (and three thereafter) when the developer's exam season is over with, the best Anime Online characters won't be the best forever.

Who Is The Best Anime Online Character?

As you can see from our tier list, there are a few Anime Online characters who tower above the rest. These are as follows:

  • MoriJin
  • Naruto
  • Erza
  • TYBWIchigo

However, the game doesn't include a detailed breakdown of each character's stats, so it's hard to say why they rank above others. We'd put it down to their special abilities and damage stats, meaning these fighters are likely to whittle down your opponents' health much more easily.

Of course, a lot of the decision-making behind your Anime Online character will boil down to which is your favourite. Considering the game covers everything from Dragonball Z to Naruto and even Spider-Man, there's a pop culture for everyone.

Screenshot of the Anime Online character selection menu
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How Do I Get More Anime Online Characters?

Sadly, Anime Online isn't a gacha game, so you cannot unlock new characters through random lucky spins. Instead, you have to buy them from the pre-match lobby, done by interacting with one of the characters sat at a desk in the room.


Purchasing the base common characters costs Bucks, the in-game currency earned by winning matches. The cheapest characters come in at around $20, and you'll earn $5 per win, so it'll take four successful matches before you can start buying new characters.

Many of the more premium characters are instead locked behind DLC. That includes Spider-Man, which comes in the Web DLC packs or Gamepasses. These DLC characters cost Robux, meaning you'll have to spend real-life money to get them. It's a shame, but that's the only way to get some of the more elusive Anime Online characters.

Equally, the store option does have a menu to purchase a random selection from the character roster. This option is inexplicably not working at the time of writing, but put simply: If you want to partake in something akin to a gacha spin, you won't have much luck right now.

And that's it for our Anime Online tier list. We've ranked all the game's iconic characters, so you know which to save your bucks up for whenever new codes aren't around to fill your wallet. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be dominating PvP arenas in no time. So long as you have the skill and patience to learn the intricacies of battle, at least.

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