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Anime Adventures bloodline tier list (June 2023) - All units ranked

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Anime Adventures game art.

If you want to organise the best possible defence, then you should definitely check out our Anime Adventures bloodline tier list. This Roblox game is an amazing combination of tower defence and various anime franchises.

There you can get numerous characters through gacha. So, Anime Adventures has a huge list of heroes and villains that you are able to use, and we are going to rank them by their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at all the characters in this Roblox game!

List of best units in Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is a Roblox tower defense game where you can collect various characters from popular anime franchises like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball. You can use these units as towers that will attack the incoming hordes of enemies. It would be wise to learn which of them is stronger in order to create an effective defense. So, here’s our tier list of all playable characters in Anime Adventures.

Anime Adventures units tier list

Tiers Units
SMelio (Assault), Dany (Creation), Greed (Hunt), Merlyn (Infinity), Shisu, Pride (The One), Noel, Itochi (Susanoo), Chainsaw, Lord Boron, Yono, Julio, Sonic, Geno (Overdrive), Getu, Weather, Metal Knight, Tatsumiki, Toshin, Ezra, Emili, Aizo (Final), Todorro (Half), Red Scar, Kent, Asto, Angel, Gone (Adult), Jokujo (The World), Denjy, Navi, Soi Fan, Meruam, Akin, JIO (Over Heaven), Puchi, Cel (SUPER PERFECT), Jelly, Goju, Gray, Natzo, Kizzua (Whirlwind), Brulo, Ichi (Final Dusk), Lulu, Kisoko (Bankai), Itadoki
AAll Force, Coyote (Primera), Bulmy, Bang, Android 21, Yuto, Zeike, Renzi, Saicky, Blackhair, Akano, Fire Fist, Jolyna, Kenpaki, Ging, Inuyashu, JIO , King (Sloth), Kisoko, Kit (Evolved), Luci, Kobeno, Ice Queen, Neteru, Ichi (Full Hollow), Levy, Marada, Lucky, Orwin, Pito, Power, Uru (Antithesis), Whitehair, Yamo, Yamomoto, Megomu, Mochi, Noruto (Beast Cloak), Aokijo, Ariva, Erein, Super Chunks, Tatsumo
BToby, Speedcart, Wenda, Hime, Snake Princess, Haka, Aizo, Togu, Gowthy (Invasion), Mist Ninja, Eta, Hie, Blue Devil, Ulquiro, Crush, Peruna, Broke, Gone, Hisova, Juozu, Tarata, Future Guhon, Renkoko, Thor, Kit, Agony, Kazoru, Cel (Semi-Perfect), Shingo, Ruki, Noruto (Demon Cloak)
CKazeki (Centipede), Touci, Mecha Freezo, Ermo, Akoku, Ghacco, Diavoro, Jiorno, Goko Blue, Nightmare Luffo, Getan, Armein, Tango , Moriu, Juvy, Itochi, Dabo, Luffo (Marine’s Ford), Magnu, Lao, Croc, Bakayua, Chunks, Mivawk, Ichi (Masked), Norro, Nobaba, Gajule
DKizzua, Grim Jaw, Karyoin, Jokujo, Todorro, Cel (Imperfect), Gaaro, Sanjay, Kumo, Inosoku, Sakuro, Goko Black, Zennu, Underhaul, Freezo (Final), Geno
EIchi, Kazashu, Zoru, Tanji, Urakara, Piccoru, Usoap, Josuka, Bakujo, Sosuke, Dezu, Nezuka, Johna, Luffo, Noruto, Krillo, Vegita, Aman, Goko, Kazeki
Units in Anime Adventures
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How do I get units in Anime Adventures?

If you play Anime Adventures for a while, you will definitely find a few units that will interest you. Fortunately, there are two different ways to get new characters.

The first one is the Summon. This mechanic works like a classic gacha roll. You can use a resource called Gems to get random characters. The rotation of these units refreshes every hour, and you always have a chance to get new heroes in your collection.

But what if you want a specific unit? Well, you can use the second way. Anime Adventures allows you to trade with other players. Just ask someone if they would like to sell you the character you want and submit a trade request.

After that, you will be able to offer your Gems, characters, or other items to the person you are trading with. If this player accepts your offer, you will get the desired character.

What are the strongest units in Anime Adventures and which ones should you use?

Well, the answer to this question is not that simple. You see, there are many different units that have various attacks and abilities. For example, Goko is able to shoot laser beams that deal significant damage to your enemies and work great against tough targets. However, if there are too many opponents, your Goko will be unable to deal with them and you will need to use a good AoE damage dealer.


So, all of these units have certain roles, and you should choose the ones that work better for your strategy. However, there is a way to determine which character is stronger. Usually, units of higher tiers like Legendaries or Mythics are better than Rare characters. So, you should collect as many high-tier units as possible and use them to make your strategy more effective.

Anime Adventures has an impressive roster of units, and we hope our tier list will help you form your own squad. Good luck and hopefully, you will get all the characters you want!

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