Anime Rifts Race Tier List

Image from DBZ Adventures Unleashed, showing the character creation menu

Image from DBZ Adventures Unleashed, showing the character creation menu

Anime Roblox games are everywhere, but Dragon Ball is one of the lesser-represented shonen hits that's finally getting its fair shake: and this Anime Rifts race tier list should help you pick and choose the one that's best for you before you make a grave miscalculation with your first (or next) character.

Our Anime Rifts Race Tier List breaks down all five races currently in this hybrid Roblox action game, ranking them based on their utility in battles. We'll also go over how to unlock more races, as well as a look at the recent additions to this anime-inspired Roblox hit.

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Anime Rifts Race Tier List

Beerus, Cerealian
Demon, Whis, Angel, Toppo's Race, Mink
Saiyan, Bojack Race, Android, Hit's Race
Half Saiyan, Namekian, Dodoria's Race, Buter's Race, Heeter Race
Namekian, Human, Skypiean, Baby

As updates continue to arrive in Anime Rifts, our race tier list is increasingly useful in evaluating all available character types. We recently added a bunch of new races that arrived in the middle of February, so be sure to note how the meta is slowly changing.

Still, if you're looking to min-max your next character, you'll know that every little stat different is worth considering. As such, we've ranked them based on how useful you'll find them to be both in combat and general gameplay.

The Saiyan race sits high on the DBZ Adventures Unleashed tier list.
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What Is The Best Anime Rifts Race?

One thing to note about races in Anime Rifts is that they're broadly very balanced. None of them are far-and-away better than the others. Rankings can therefore be quite subjective, based more on what fits your play style.

It's a good idea to test them all out to see which suits you most, but those looking for the absolute best fighter around should still consult the Anime Rifts tier list to protect their potential future strength.

Even considering all that, there's reason to view Beerus as the best Anime Rifts race. Though not canonically a race (Beerus is a character's name), the Destroyer is a powerful pick.

The Destruction Mode power-up is arguably the most overpowered thing in the game, and can make light of any tough combat sections. When using Destruction Mode, the lower your enemy's health is, the higher the damage you'll inflict. That means each hit will hit harder than the last. It should be easy to see why that matters.

That being said, it clearly better suits those who try for offensive plays. If you prefer a more cautious approach, the best Anime Rifts race for you might be the iconic Saiyan.

The Saiyan race has a passive power-up that lets your transformations last longer, letting you get more mileage from any temporary stat buffs. In tough patches of gameplay, this can definitely help you mimic a higher level.

How Do I Get More Anime Rifts Races?

At the moment, you can't get more races in Anime Rifts. As per the game's official Trello, new races are coming soon, but they aren't in the game yet.

Given how fleshed-out the details on each race page already, though, they'll probably be introduced in the very near future, at which point the Anime Rifts tier list will get a much-needed shake-up.

When they do launch, you'll likely be able to purchase races in the in-game store, or via the settings menu that lets you customise your character. We'll update this section once we have full details on when races arrive in Anime Rifts, but for now, just focus on which have the style you like, or which actually augment your preferred gameplay.

What Is The Latest Anime Rifts Update?

The next Anime Rifts update arrived on February 8, 2022. Details on what was added are quite slim, though this is what we've gleaned from the Roblox game description:

  • Item storage system
  • Overhaul of the armour system
  • Introduction of the new Cooler epic moveset
  • Yami Yami no Mi (One Piece Devil Fruit)
  • Sound breathing (Demon Slayer)

Has Anime Rifts Changed Its Name?

If you previously recognised Anime Rifts by another name, then worry not - you aren't wrong. The game used to be called DBZ Adventures Unleashed, but rebranded as Anime Rifts in early March 2022. It's a logical change given character from Demon Slayer and One Piece are now in the game. However, it's understandably caused some confusion among dedicated players. It won't impact the gameplay, so you can get into Anime Rifts just like it used to be.

That's it for our Anime Rifts races tier list for now. As races aren't quite the customization option we expected just yet, there's plenty of room for them to expand and improve. As more are introduced and others are progressively improved upon, we'll update this guide with all the new info as and when it arrives.

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