Anime Adventures relic tier list

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A futuristic city in Anime Adventures.

Anime Adventures is always evolving, and the developers are adding many new features with every update. One of these features is relics. There are 18 relics in the game in total, and each has its own characteristics. To help you choose the best ones, below for you we have the Anime Adventures relic tier list.

This Roblox game is known for its diversity in everything, including anime characters and relics. And since the relics are so different in the game, it may be a struggle to decide on the choice. So let’s deal with this complicated task together!

All Anime Adventures relics tier list

Anime Adventures: Relics
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Tier Relic
SArcana Crown, Clover Of The Wind, Nail, Miracle Timepiece
AMermaid Crown, 5-Leaf Clover, Hellfire Blade, Lostvain, Awakened Triple Tomoe
BKunai, Steel Shiv, Awakened Double Tomoe, Amplifying Codex, Mangekyō Eye
CAwakened Tomoe, Arcana Shark Blade, Black Blade: Autumn Water
DAranca Blade

Most of the relics in Anime Adventures are not bad, so only those in C and D tiers should be avoided. But even if you own and use them, it's never too late to choose something from a higher tier instead.

Relics were added to the game relatively recently, in the seventh update, along with new damage types. Anime Adventures is updated quite frequently to provide players with new experiences, so we expect new relics to be added in future updates as well. We will update this guide as soon as they appear, so make sure to bookmark this page!


In conclusion, it's important to remember that the choice of relics should be based on your play style and needs. The game is nicely balanced, so the tiers in this list are based on our subjective opinion. Make sure to try all the relics yourself!

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