Airport Tycoon codes (March 2024)

Inside a lobby in Airport Tycoon

Inside a lobby in Airport Tycoon
March 21, 2024: We have added a new Airport Tycoon code to our list!

Looking to be the proud owner of an entire airport in Roblox? If you are, then these Airport Tycoon codes will help you get started with your new business venture. Tycoon games in Roblox usually have simple yet satisfying mechanics in place, but starting fresh could feel slow at times.

Building an entire airport from scratch will get expensive really quickly, so it’s best to take advantage of as many freebies as you can. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with some Airport Tycoon codes and a quick rundown of how to use them.

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All working Airport Tycoon codes (March 2024)

Check our list of working Airport Tycoon codes below!

  • 490LIKES - 100K cash
  • TURKEY - 250k cash
  • 1MIL - 200k cash
  • WETHEBEST - 100k cash
  • 480K - 100k cash
  • SHUTTLE - 200k cash
  • VIP - 200k cash
  • VALENTINES - 200k cash
  • GIFT - 200k cash
  • PRIZE - 200k cash
  • NEWCODE - 300k cash
  • 30K - 3k gems
  • FREECASH - 200k cash
  • FREEMOOLAH - 40k cash
  • BONUS - 200k cash
  • ATDISCORD - 50k cash
  • CASHPASS - 220k cash
  • WHALETUBE - 100k cash
  • OSCAR - 123,456 cash
  • BLOXYCOLA - 30k cash
  • CLIFFHANGER - 30k cash
  • INSTA - 50k cash
  • MEGAWHALE - 40k cash
  • ROCKET - 50k cash
  • FIREBALL - 30k cash
  • CHIP - 50k cash
Airport Tycoon redeem code window
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How to redeem Airport Tycoon codes

Knowing where or how to use these codes can be a bit confusing at times, so here’s what you need to do if you’re feeling a little lost:

  • Open Airport Tycoon from the Roblox game page.
  • Click on the button with the Twitter logo on the left side of your screen.
  • Type a code into the text box.
  • Click on the Redeem button to receive your freebie.

What are Airport Tycoon codes?

Airport Tycoon codes are used to obtain various amounts of free cash. You’ll need loads of cash to build and expand your airport, so make sure to grab as many of these codes as you can.

Cash seems to be the only resource used in Airport Tycoon so far, so it looks like that’s the only thing these codes will be providing. New codes are usually given out by the developer after the game reaches new milestones, so make sure to invite your friends to Airport Tycoon for more giveaways.

How to get more Airport Tycoon codes

For more Airport Tycoon codes, a good place to start would be on the developers’ official X page or the Airport Tycoon Discord server. You might also be able to find some codes on the Airport Tycoon page in the Roblox launcher, so remember to keep your eyes peeled.

Aside from those options, you can also bookmark this page and check back in with us when you can. We’re constantly looking for new codes as well and we’ll update this page as soon as we find any.

Why are my Airport Tycoon codes not working?

The codes you are trying to redeem might be simply expired. Make sure to check this page regularly since we update this article to date with the latest codes that we can find on the internet.

Here are also the confirmed expired codes:

Expired codes

  • 300MIL - 300k cash
  • NEWYEAR - 200k cash
  • XMAS - 300k cash
  • blimp - 200k cash
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  • 365KCASH - 300k cash
  • UPDATE9 - 200kCash
  • 355KFREE - 355kCash
  • 340KCASH - 340kCash
  • 330KLIKES - 200kCash
  • FREEMOOLAH - 40kCash
  • 300KLIKES - 300kCash
  • JUNE - 300kCash
  • 20K - 300kCash
  • 2021 - 202,100Cash
  • HOTEL - 200kCash
  • UPDATE8 - 200kCash
  • TREAT - 33,333Cash
  • HALLOW - 66,666 Cash
  • WARTHOG - 100kCash
  • UPDATE5 - 50kCash
  • S3LKRONS - 25kCash
  • USA - 300kCash
  • MERRYXMAS - 100kCash
  • ERACE - freeCash
  • HALLOW - 66,666 Cash
  • WARTHOG - 25kCash
  • UPDATE5 - 50k Cash
  • TREAT - 33,333 Cash
  • XBOX - 50k Cash
  • 100MIL - 20k Cash
  • 50MIL - 50k Cash
  • BLUEWHALE - 40k Cash
  • BOATS - 20k Cash
  • MOBILE - 15k Cash
  • SUSHI - 20k Cash
  • AIRPORT - 15k Cash

And that will do it for your Airport Tycoon codes guide. We’ve got some codes for other Roblox games as well, so make sure you get in on these Anime Adventures codes and Weapon Fighting Simulator codes!

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