Madam Nazar Location Today In Red Dead Online (February 2022)

Red Dead Online has a travelling merchant who goes by the name of Madam Nazar. She can be a difficult lady to track down, as she moves across the map to a new random location every single day. Like other in-game merchants, such as Xur in Destiny 2, or Baro Ki'Teer in Warframe, Nazaz is normally located in one of 12 different spawn locations, so it's more a case of knowing where to look, rather than some sort of needle in the haystack scenario. That said if you're attempting the Collector career path - one of the many Red Dead Online roles - she's a vital part of the game.

Before you can get collecting, you'll need a Red Dead Online Collector's License and a bag to store your loot and only Nazar will sell you this; so you will need to track her down at some stage or another. The license and bag should cost you 15 gold bars, but those of you who tracked down all 54 of the GTA Online playing cards dotted around Los Santos will be able to claim it for free (cheers Rockstar).

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Where is Madam Nazar Today?

As we noted before, there are 12 possible locations where you can find Madam Nazar and her caravan. You can see a list of these locations jotted down, just below. Commit these locations to memory as you'll be returning to them quite often.

If you want to know where Madam Nazar is today, then take a look at the Red Dead Online interactive map just below, which updates every day to reflect her current location in the game.

ALL Madam Nazar Daily Locations:

  • Roanoke Ridge
  • Bluewater Marsh
  • Bolger Glade
  • Three Sisters
  • Cumberland Forest
  • Eastern Heartlands
  • Little Creek River
  • Tall Trees
  • Manteca Falls
  • Cholla Springs
  • Rio Bravo
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How to Find Madam Nazar in-game using a Collector’s Map

As noted by players, sometimes a glitch with the game will allow you to see all of Madam Nazar's possible locations when you are wanted and receive a bounty.

This is understandably a lot of work, which is probably why you googled her location in the first place. So just bookmark our page and be sure to check the interactive map when you want to find her.

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