Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover Goes Live Today

Rainbow Six Extraction had a promising launch last month. Reaching three million players in its first week, we had some good impressions in our own review and Ubisoft's far from done.

We've known for sometime Extraction is planning “generous” post-launch support - at least, according to the creative director - and now, we've got our first Crisis Event, Spillover. Crisis Events are limited-time events that last for three weeks, introducing new operators, gadgets, and cosmetics.

During these events, weekly assignments are unavailable, so keep that in mind. You can only play them in 3-player teams, too. Launching as a free event today (February 18), that's available until March 11, 2022, and Gfinity got an early preview for what Spillover brings.

What is Spillover?

The Spillover is the first multi-week Crisis Event in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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Spillover sees us tackling Sprawl Colonies across different hot zone and these can't be damaged normally, requiring a Dissolution Agent to activate them. Wiping out waves of Archæans, our goal is to destroy these alien colonies.

Once you're in, you'll need to choose a location, prepare barricades alongside other defences - word of advice, don't take that lightly - and, when ready, planting the Dissolution Agent in a colony. There's no set order for decontaminating nests, the choice is yours.

Completing Spillover requires finishing nine different waves within 25 minutes. Rewards are split into three steps and like normal missions, players can extract themselves early for a cash and XP reward, but you won't get the full bonuses. You can earn more XP here than standard incursions, and I've outlined these steps below:

  • Step One - Decontaminate two colonies
  • Step Two - Decontaminate five colonies
  • Step Three - Clear all nine colonies

Lastly, it's worth noting that enemies include additional traits, dependent on which colony you attack. Three colonies have cloaked Archæans for invisibility, another three has Archæans carrying spores, while the last three colonies hold a few elite Archæans within.

New REACT Tech

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The latest REACT tech is the Auto-Turret, a deployable turret whichtargets Archæans as they arrive. Ubisoft confirmed that to earn this, you'll need to login during this event but fair warning, Auto-Turret is only unlockable during Spillover.

However, you don't need to obtain it through playing Spillover alone. Acquiring the Auto-Turret requires defeating 500 Archæans in total, both across this event and standard incursions in the main game. So, if Spillover proves tough until then, you don't need to worry.

Spillover Rewards

Ubisoft outlined several rewards this Crisis Event provides. Four Crisis Studies are available through Spillover specifically, offering a new headgear, uniform, charm, and weapon skin each. A fifth Crisis Study is also available, achieved through playing any of the game modes.

Five Spillover-themed charms are unlockable by reaching different classes in the ranked Maelstrom Protocol mode. Finally, additional lore and a meta study can separately be attained through standard play.

New Operator - Zofia Bosak

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Our newest addition is Zofia Bosak, a Polish operator Siege fans will immediately recognise. Introduced back in 2017, Ubisoft offered this outline for her in Extraction:

A beloved Rainbow Six Operator, Zofia is known for her highly skilled survival techniques and will be a crucial asset to the Rainbow Six Extraction roster both in Spillover and the main game. By equipping additional defense REACT tech to Zofia's Grenade Launcher, players can increase their changes for a successful incursion.

It's not surprising that she'd be a recommended operator for this mission that introduces her. Of course, only one player can pick her, so Tachanka, Gridlock, Jager, Doc, or Rook are also suggested picks in Spillover. That's all you really need to know.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft+, and Xbox Game Pass. We'll keep you informed with further Extraction updates as they happen.

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