Rainbow Six Extraction Reached 3 Million Players in Its First Week

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Rainbow Six Extraction launched last week and so far, it's been a success for Ubisoft, reaching has three million players in its first week. Confirmed by the official Ubisoft Twitter account, they gave thanks to everyone who participated in its launch week.

Adding to this news, the French publisher also confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction's delayed Buddy Pass system releases tomorrow. Letting more players try out Extraction with friends, it's also available on Xbox Game Pass, and Benji-Sales confirms Extraction is the fourth most-played title on Microsoft's subscription service.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Reached 3 Million Players in Its First Week

We enjoyed Extraction in our recent review, calling it "great fun" and a "a uniquely enjoyable entry in Team Rainbow’s history," scoring it 3.5/5. You can check out our recent interview too, where Extraction's creative director confirmed they've got a "generous post-launch plan" in the works.

Players can check out Rainbow Six Extraction now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia. We'll keep you informed with further Rainbow Six news as we hear it.

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