Rainbow Six Extraction: Roadmap and Post-Launch Events

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In Rainbow Six Extraction, progression isn't exactly difficult to come by if you know how to shoot a mutant; it's even easier to level up if you're good at shooting them. That being said, what's planned for the future of Extraction, and for those of us who get through the various case studies quickly?

In this guide, we detail new game modes and events that will be coming to Rainbow Six Extraction, or available to those who progress far enough.


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End Game Mode: Maelstrom Protocol

Once you reach various Milestones and have completed much of your Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction, an end game mode - Maelstrom Protocol - becomes available. This mode is an extended Incursion for squads, in a Chimera-infested environment, that evolves each week. As you could've guessed, expect increased Archæan activity if taking on a mission here.

Only a select few can take part in the Maelstrom Protocol, and due to its extended length, you can also expect Archæans to be significantly more aggressive than before. Resources are limited during the Incursions, but success will lead to increased XP and the unlocking of unique gear. It's recommended that any Operator you take on the Maelstrom Protocol is near the max-level, ten.


You need to have reached Milestone 16 to take part in the Maelstrom Protocol, and have a squad of at least three Operators from the selected roster of the week.

Weekly Assignments

Specific weekly missions will appear throughout the twelve Containment Zones, with new rules of engagement, even after you complete your studies. So, keep your Operators on their toes and don't forget to revisit different regions.


Veteran Mode

For autonomous Operators, Veteran Mode is an immersive mode of gameplay for the most skilled players. Friendly fire is enabled, reloading must be tactical, and your HUD is incredibly dynamic.

Wall-to-Wall Mode

The Wall-to-Wall mode is a combat mode for versatile Operators. With the parasite being in an abnormal stress phase, you and your squads goal is to stabilise them. You will be tasked with multiple Archæan assaults, from Archæans who grow stronger over time, and Airlocks are under a strict lockdown that requires Security Stations and an Unlock Sequence to access.


Kick the Anthill Mode

For sharpshooters, Kick the Anthill is an assault mode with a high density of Archæan enemies and overactive nests. Your job is to breach these areas and clear them of enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Multi-Week Crisis Events

The Chimera Parasite is still something that REACT have a lot to learn about, and it will often go beyond simple mutations, evolving into a new threat completely. When this happens, Crisis Events are declared and your job is to regain control from Archæan enemies once again. These events last multiple weeks, consist of new challenges, experiences, and rewards for those who survive.



The first Crisis Event you can expect to see in Rainbow Six Extraction is going to be Spillover. The event is due to appear shortly after launch, so expect to see it anytime after your first few breaches and assaults of the Archæans.

That's all there is for the future plans and post-game content of Rainbow Six Extraction right now. There's certainly plenty of intel to be gathering and Archæans to be taking down, either as a squad, or solo. For more, check out our preview thoughts on the game.