Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Heal Inactive Operators

An Operator, who has gone MIA, is shown captured by carapace in Rainbow Six Extraction.

An Operator, who has gone MIA, is shown captured by carapace in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction swaps out the countering of terrorism that Siege reolves around and instead puts its characters against a new, alien threat that is putting the human race at risk. As a part of REACT, Operators must go on Incursions to contain and assess the parasite that is threatening them.

These Operators can go MIA, or even become Inactive if injured, so it's important to go into each mission objective with a plan. However, if they do go MIA, part of your mission objectives will be to rescue them. Alternatively, if they go Inactive, they can be healed up pretty easily too.

Fortunately for you, it's not a demanding task either to get your favourites back in action! In this guide, we explain how to heal Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to Heal Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

As you go on Incursion after Incursion with your favourite Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction, you may fly through mission objectives with ease. However, if the Operator that you're using becomes injured and their health drops below a certain point as they extract from an Incursion, they will be rendered Inactive.

Do not fear though, getting them back in the middle of all the action is easy. Unlike MIA Operators, who require you to go on a rescue mission to return them to safety, Inactive Operators simply need healing. But, how do you heal them?

All you need to do is go on more successful Incursions as a different Operator. As you successfully gather XP (and hopefully level up), you will be granted HP too. The HP you earn depends on the amount of XP earnt during each Incursion, and will go to your Inactive Operator. Once they have enough HP, they'll be back in action and available for you to use again. It's as simple as that.

To put it simply, all you need to do is continue slaying Archæans and completing objectives as you were before. Before you know it, your favourite Operator will be available to play as again.

That's all you need to know when it comes to healing Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. It's perhaps the games way of encouraging players to play as other Operators regularly, which we recommend too, as many Operators are good for varying reasons. We talk about our favourite ones to choose from here, as well as the best weapons to use, and how to combat each enemy to prevent your Operators from going MIA.

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