Rainbow Six Extraction’s Buddy Pass Is Delayed

The Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass is delayed until shortly after launch, Ubisoft announced. That means until the feature launches, all players who want to squad up in Extraction - and we fully recommend squadding up - will have to own their copy of the game or just wait for the pass.

According to the official Twitter profile of Rainbow Six Extraction, the Buddy Pass delay is to ensure that Rainbow Six Extraction will have a smooth rollout for all players at launch, or in other words, the feature needs more time to be implemented properly.

How long this delay will be is uncertain, as Ubisoft only mentioned it will release "shortly after" launch.

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Rainbow Six Extraction’s Buddy Pass Is Getting A Short Delay

For those unfamiliar, Rainbow Six Extraction players who buy the game will gain access to the Buddy Pass, which allows them to invite friends to play online with them, even if the friends don’t own the game themselves. It's an uncommon feature, though It Takes Two is another game that used something similar, the Friend’s Pass.

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