Rainbow Six Extraction Pre-Order: Platforms, Editions, Price and Bonuses | Buyer’s Guide

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Ubisoft is planning to release Rainbow Six Extraction later this year. Pre-orders for the game are now up and some extra add-on content can be snagged for this co-op shooter. Here’s what you need to know about pre-ordering.

Rainbow Six Extraction Platforms

As of its reveal, Rainbow Six Extraction is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. All platforms will get the game on the same date on September 16, 2021. Players have at least three more months to mull over pre-ordering this title since its reveal this E3.


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Available Editions

Currently, Rainbow Six Extraction can be pre-ordered for its Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition only. The title has no Collector’s Edition confirmed yet.

Getting the Standard Edition on pre-order will not only give you the base game but also the Orbital Decay bundle. This bundle gives the Orion Headgear and Orion Uniform for Finka and Lion. Additionally, the Vaporized weapon skin and Crashlander accessory charm will also be rewarded to you.


Pre-ordering Deluxe Edition nets players the Orbital Decay pack and some extra DLC packs that give outfits and progression boosts when used. The Deluxe Edition DLC packs are the React Strike pack which gives Crises boosts, new DLC gear for Hibana and Sledge, and a 10% shop discount. Additionally, the Deluxe Edition DLC also includes the Noxious Touch pack which includes weapon skins, a charm, and a new outfit for Alibi. Lastly, the last DLC pack for this pre-order edition also includes 2 more weapons skins and 2 more accessory charms.

How Much Is Rainbow Six Extraction?

According to Uplay, here are the prices for the Rainbow Six Extraction pre-orders:

Standard Edition

PC Standard Edition - £49.99


PS4 Standard Edition - £59.99

PS5 Standard Edition - £59.99

Xbox One/ Xbox Series X Standard Edition - £59.99

Deluxe Edition

PC Deluxe Edition - £66.99


PS4 Deluxe Edition - £75.99

PS5 Deluxe Edition - £75.99

Xbox One/ Xbox Series X Deluxe Edition - £75.99

Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op focused title where players face monsters in containment zones while completing certain objectives. These pre-order bonuses could be a great way to kickstart your operations in these containment zones.


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