Rainbow Six Extraction Release: Launch Time, Timezones & Game Pass

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An Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The time for players to be jumping into squads on Rainbow Six Extraction is nearly here, and it appears that a lot of people can't contain their excitement for yet another co-op shooter. Given the time that we've spent with the title, it promises a lot of fun for squads who enjoy the PvE elements that Left 4 Dead 2 and Back 4 Blood have employed in the past.

The game sees squads of up to three players working together to complete various mission objectives across up to twelve different maps, in four different areas. Mission objectives range between trapping enemies, collecting biopsies from them, conducting scans, planting bombs, and rescuing Operators who have gone missing in action.

Many people are likely wondering what exact time the game will be available to them in their timezone, especially given that Rainbow Six Extraction will not be having a simultaneous global launch time. So, we've stepped in to tell you exactly what time you'll be able to gear up on Extraction.

What Time Does Rainbow Six Extraction Become Available?

For players installing Rainbow Six Extraction via the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect app, preloading has already began. We definitely recommend getting the whole 85GB installed in advance, so that when the title is live, there's nothing keeping you waiting to lobby up with friends.

As of January 20, 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction will also become available on Xbox Game Pass, but will not be available for players to preload in advance. The launch times vary between different timezones, so we've noted all of them below so you know exactly when you can hop on and start your download.

  • Americas: January 20, 12AM Local Time
  • Europe & Middle East: January 20, 12AM CET - This will be January 19, 11PM across the UK.
  • Asia & Oceania: January 20, 12AM AEDT

Those are the times in which you will be able to launch Rainbow Six Extraction or begin installing it via Game Pass. As you can see, the launch time is 12AM across all timezones, which will work out at 11PM GMT in the UK. Meanwhile, players from Asia and Oceania will be last to have their hands on Extraction, and technically won't have access to the game until 1PM GMT.

For those installing the full version of the game, there is also a Buddy Pass system that has been crafted by Ubisoft. Every full copy of the game has two Buddy Pass tokens that players can share with their friends, granting them up to 14 days of near-unlimited access.

More good news, beside being able to easily squad up with your friends, is that Rainbow Six Extraction does not require any excessive PC specs, and their are various difficulty levels to suit all the different types of player who may be trying the game out. Each difficulty increase also comes with more XP to help you level up fast, and all progression made on the Buddy Pass system or on the trial version of the game will be passed on over to the full version of the game, too!

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