Rainbow Six Extraction: All Maps and Locations

Nest, Carapace and Sprawl inside a building in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Nest, Carapace and Sprawl inside a building in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, your role as an Operator in REACT is to enter Containment Zones and complete mission objectives that typically revolve around assessing and containing the Chimera Parasite. These Containment Zones are scattered between four primary locations in the US, and each location has three unique maps.

In this guide, we've noted all twelve maps you'll find yourself in during your time playing Rainbow Six Extraction.

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New York

Liberty Island

Once widely recognised as an ode to freedom and prosperity, the Statue of Liberty now belongs to the Chimera Parasite, covered in its Carapace.

Monolith Gardens

Once a deluxe hotel that provided an ideal playground to the rich and famous, the Chimera Parasite checked in, putting an end to all of that.

Police Station

The station was once representative of law and order; two things that mean nothing to the Chimera Parasite, especially as it took over.

Liberty Island, New York: a map in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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San Francisco

The Tenderloin Neighbourhood

Tenderloin is renowned as funky and artistic, but not so much anymore since the Chimera Parasite paid a visit and its residents checked out.

Apollo Casino & Resort

One of the first legal casinos in California, Apollo was a landmark of luck until the Chimera Parasite put a stop to any gamblers paying a visit.

Enterprise Space Foundation

The Space Foundation - where rockets are assembled for the space program - does the Chimera Parasite have plans here, or is it just coincidence?

The Tenderloin Neighbourhood, San Francisco: a map in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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Nome's biggest industries used to be salmon fishing and mining. Now it's biggest resources are oil, and supplying the Orpheus Research Center.

Eurydice Valley

A rural valley that contains the remains on an ancient meteor crater... the Chimera Parasite has been strangely attracted to this area.

Orpheus Research Center

The Research Center specialises in astro-sciences and is run by tech-giant Orpheus. They're conducting studies on the ancient meteor of Eurydice Valley.

Truth or Consequences

Sierra County Hospital

When the Chimera Parasite made its way through town, the hospital took the brunt of the fear, chaos, and damage caused.


After a mechanic dragged a crashed Soyuz capsule he found in the desert back to the junkyard, the Outbreak started.


Downtown was once a sleepy Southwestern town, but now it lays victim to the Chimera Parasite.

While you repeat visits to the same maps regularly as you embark on different mission objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction, each visit will be unique depending on how the Archæan ecosystem behaves. Unlock new maps by reaching new Milestones, which we talk about doing quickly here, and be better prepared for each visit with our tips and tricks.

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