How to lean in PUBG Mobile

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A PUBG Mobile background with the words "How to lean" written on top.

PUBG Mobile has most of the same exciting features as the console and PC versions, and learning how to learn in PUBG Mobile will massively help your game. If you're new to the Battle Royale, there are plenty of advanced techniques to help you survive and outlive 99 other players such as leaning. This is one of them.

Leaning isn't a skill you'll absolutely need to pick up on, but it's certainly a tactic that sets the high-ranking players apart from those way further down the ladder. It's a way to shoot from cover while only revealing a fraction of the body you would by walking like most do, making it far more difficult for your target to fire back.

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How to lean in PUBG Mobile

Before you can lean in PUBG Mobile, you'll need to enable it in the settings.

  • Open the game on your device and enter the Settings menu, then the Gyroscope feature.
  • Enable the "Peek and Fire" option and the "Peek and Open Scope" option. "Peek and Fire" lets you shoot whilst leaning, while the "Peek and Open Scope" option will allow you to lean and scope simultaneously.
  • Select either tap or hold in the Peek options.
  • When you're in the game, you'll now see two new buttons on the left that'll help you lean – either by tapping or holding the button, depending on which option you picked in Step 3.
  • You can move the buttons by holding and moving, too. 

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