These Are The Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile Right Now

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PUBG Mobile is at the top of its game right now. 19 seasons in and it's still getting a slew of new weapons with each update.

What that means, though, is that the meta is constantly evolving. One gun that might have carried you to Conquerer in Season 10 might barely get you out of Silver now.


To help you climb in Season 19 and beyond, we've rounded up the best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile right now. Here's what the tier list looks like.

PUBG Mobile AR Tier List - The Best PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles



The AUG AR is the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifle.

Exclusive to Air Drops, the AUG has proven itself worthy of being an ultra-rare weapon that requires you to risk life and limb to obtain.

The PUBG Mobile AUG did get a damage reduction pass recently, but as other ARs did as well, it's position on this list hasn't changed. With exceptional handling due to its lower rate of fire, its damage and bullet speed still manage to make it excel in most situations.


It might not serve you particularly well in close-range situations, but it'll certainly carry you to those final moments.


The FAMAS AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

Exclusive to Livik, the FAMAS is an assualt rifle in the body of an SMG. Livik is a small map, creating plenty of opportunity for a long-range situation to suddenly become a close-range duel.

Due to its unique shape and high rate of fire, the FAMAS works in both without much tweaking. They're not all too rare, either.

So long as you sit yourself around places like Blomster and Midstein, finding a FAMAS shouldn't be hard at all.



The SCAR-L AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

The G36C and QBZ are exclusive to Vikendi and Sanhok respectively, taking the spot of the SCAR-L featured on other maps. They're similar to each other in that regard but tweaked to suit their particular map's size, location, and topography.

The original SCAR-L is a relatively quiet rifle with solid stability. With a 4x scope attached, muzzle, and stock, it becomes a great long-range rifle that performs well at medium-range as well.

The QBZ and G36C feature the same powerful stats as the SCAR-L but adopt a longer reload time and higher rate of fire. This should lead to a theoretical edge in most fights.


The M416 AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

Not to be confused with the M16A4, this common assualt rifle is often seen even in the closing moments of a match. That's because it can take a ridiculous amount of attachments, making it suitable for virtually every situation and playstyle.

The M416 packs a similar punch (both in terms of damage and recoil) to the map-specific weapons above. It does benefit from a slightly higher rate of fire, however.


If you're quick enough at inventory management, you can even switch attachments on the fly to as the situation changes: like a 4x scope and silencer for damaging a distant target, and a 1x scope and foregrip for getting in close.


The GROZA AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

The GROZA used to sit high atop the PUBG Mobile tier lists, but a few tweaks here and there have knocked it down a peg -- though it's still exclusive to Air Drops.

It's still an absolute beast of a weapon when it comes to dealing damage, but, but its high rate of fire, minuscule magazine, and slow reload times can land the average player in a dicey situation. It'll suit the Top 10% of players just fine, but it could hold others back.


The AKM AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

The AKM is an incredibly powerful assault rifle that can rip through targets like your average LMG.

Like LMGs, however, its recoil is exceptionally high, making it difficult for some to land enough shots to down their target. With practice, the AKM can become a killing machine. Just don't expect miracles at long range.



The M762 AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

Ah, the infamous Beryl. After too long as an A-Tier assault rifle, the gun was recently scaled back a number of times, positioning it ever so slightly below our A-Tier picks.

Though its damage is still higher than guns like the G36C, its increased horizontal recoil and reload times make this just too tricky for the average player to really appreciate.


The M16A4 AR is one of the best PUBG Mobile Assault rifles.

Thankfully not bringing its infamous Vietnam-era reliability issues with it, the M16A4 is a good PUBG Mobile assault rifle. It just isn't great.

The M16A4's long barrel affords it exceptional accuracy, but with no full-auto mode, it's clearly built for long-range engagements. You can't pick this up in a pinch and hope to win a duel. In fact, you'll need to source a rare 4x scope before it's even good at picking off distant targets.