Rock that Skin: How to Change Your PUBG Mobile Character Appearance

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Forget chicken dinners and double-digit kill counts, a lot of PUBG Mobile is based around the hottest, coolest skins. But fashion is fluid. A different body shape and a new hairstyle could make a good skin look great. Thankfully, PUBG Mobile allows you to change the look of your character as often as you'd like. Here's how to change your PUBG Mobile character appearance again and again.

Is Changing Your PUBG Mobile Character Appearance Free?

The character customization screen in PUBG Mobile.
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Sort of. It costs a small of BP to change each aspect of your character: their gender, hair, hair color, and face type. Not to be confused with premium currency UC, most players will have hundreds of thousands of BP on hand for a quick makeover. And you can do it as often as you want.

How to Change Your PUBG Mobile Character Appearance

How to get to the inventory screen in PUBG Mobile.
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If a new skin has you wishing for a new haircut, you're in luck -- changing it in PUBG Mobile is as simple as pressing a button. Finding that button, though? It can be tricky. Here's how.

To change your appearance in PUBG Mobile, you need to first worm your way back to the lobby screen--that's the central main screen of the game you land on when you log in.

From there, you need to sift through the UI clutter by tapping the Inventory button along the bottom of the screen. By the wardrobe button in the bottom-left is an arrow. Tap that to pull up the appearance menu.

From there, you should spot the Appearance button second from the top. Tap that to enter the Avatar Customize screen.

Where to find the Appearance menu button in PUBG Mobile.
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From here, you'll be able to change your gender, face, hair, and hair colour. Male characters then getting facial hair and color options as well. Each individual change typically costs 500 BP, but bigger changes like gender and face shape will cost 1000 BP each.

The current price on the screen will often reset and not actually reflect the price of your changes, but by pressing "Ok", you'll be shown an itemized total before you pay up and confirm your decision.

And that's it! No matter which skin you happen to get, you're free to express yourself however you want.

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