Fortnite players share terrible Valentine’s Day pick-up lines for their significant duos

Some Fortnite characters behaving romantically.

Some Fortnite characters behaving romantically.

While they regularly fall in love with new skins and maps, getting a Fortnite player to hop off of the battle bus long enough to share a romantic moment with them can be difficult.

After all, competing with popular streamers like Dr Disrespect and Ninja for the affections of your battle royale-loving buddies isn’t the kind of battle you can take lightly, even if you’ve convinced Mr Beast to bankroll your dream duo date.

Thankfully, some of the shooter’s most committed players have recently been sharing an array of Fortnite-themed pick-up lines that might help you earn a number one victory royale in the game of love.

Will you be dropping into a few games of Fortnite this Valentine's Day?

Their passionate prose forms the subject of a thread on the subreddit r/FortNiteBR, which began with a post from user Louigilou2, who kicked things off by sharing their own Fortnite-themed chat-up line: “Are you a shockwave hammer? Because you’re looking smashing today!”

Some fellow Fortniters were quick to chime in with an array of other questionable quips that skirted the boundaries of good taste, such as user NoV-Bucks4u’s: “Are you Anvil Square? Because there's been a lot of people in you.” and RinCh4n’s: “Are you a medkit? Because I'll pick you if nobody else does.”

Others decided to use their declarations of love to point out some perceived in-game problems, with user kasra602 joking: “Are you chapter 4? Because [removed due to an issue].”, The_Swagcat21 declaring: “Are you Fortnitemares 2022? Because nobody likes you.” and Environmental-Air264 musing: “Are you Fortnite’s skill-based match-making? Because you’re way out of my league.”

Thankfully, user TheOnlyVibemaster was on hand to provide a frank assessment of the thread’s mortifying messages, saying of Louigilou2’s line: “I’d send this to my girlfriend if I wanted to not be with my girlfriend.”

Regardless of whether you’re currently preparing some Chug Jug-themed drinks to enjoy during a romantic Fortnite sesh with your significant other this evening, make sure to follow us for more updates on popular streamers and guides to Fortnite’s latest updates.

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