Best Fortnite XP map codes

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March 1, 2024: A new month is underway so we've updated our guide to showcase the best Fortnite XP map codes.

In this guide, we'll take you through some of the best Fortnite XP map codes and what to expect from each one. If you're grinding through the current battle pass but don't think you've got the time to hit level 100, then using these can be a surefire way to earn some XP fast.

Here, we'll run through some of the best Fortnite Creative maps that yield plenty of XP for playing. Note that Epic is prone to taking down maps that use exploits to farm XP, so our list will constantly change as maps come and go.

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Best Fortnite XP map codes (December 2023)

The Pit Free For All

Map code: 4590-4493-7113

Created by: Geerzy

The player is standing in front of an arena. All of the guns are laid out to his left and right, and a large pit is in front of him. It says 'Jump down into the combat zone to fight!'
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Oh boy, what's down there?

The Pit Free-For-All is quite self-explanatory. There is a Kill Zone based at the bottom of the pit, and once you jump down, you’re a free target for all the other players in the match. There are all the weapons available at the top for you to grab before jumping down, so you can practise with any gun that you like.

For every kill you get, you get XP!

Cradoc Impossible Trickshot Map

Map code: 7708-1048-4537

Created by: Crado

There are three buttons. The one on the left says Small XP, the one on the right says Big XP and the one in the middle says AKF XP.
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You know you want to press the button

Once you load into this game mode, you’ll find yourself at the end of the corridor. If you walk down to the end, where it says ALL LEVELS, then you’ll find the AFK Button. If you press it, you’ll be teleported to a room where you can infinitely bounce and gain large amounts of XP while doing so. This one is perfect for if you want to leave it running while you have dinner and want to gain a few levels while you do so.

There are also other game modes here. Once you complete the challenges set out in them, you will receive coins that you can then redeem for more cash on either side of the AFK Button.

Go Goated - Zone Wars

Map code: 3305-1551-7747

Created by: TheBoyDilly

The player is stood in front of an achievement board
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These will keep you busy for a while

Go Goated - Zone Wars is a very condensed version of the Fortnite: Battle Royale mode. It splits the crowd up into four different teams and puts them into an arena where each team is against the rest of them. You must build, stay out of the storm and eliminate the others in order to win! There is also an achievement board, where you can complete various challenges to get even more XP!

A top tip here is to spectate once you’ve died to find out who won the game and then follow them through the portal to join their team next round. Stock up on Boogie Bombs and Shockwave Grenades to push the other players into the storm; the arena is very small after all. Finally, make sure to use Chug Splashes on your teammates to ensure you all make it to the finale!

Red Box PVP

Map code: 2053-4317-1526

Created by: Zoz

The player has found a secret, labelled Secret Room.
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Where could this lead to?

Red Box PVP is an interesting one. While the core game is a free-for-all game mode, where you’re up against all the other randoms in the server, there is more to this map than meets the eye. It is recommended to load this map up in Private Mode if the free-for-all isn’t something that you’re interested in.

In one of the top corners is a light. If you build up to the corner left of it, then you will find a prompt in order to go to a secret room. This will teleport you to a secret adventure world, where you must explore and find secrets in order to gain huge amounts of XP.

Parkour Fun Run

Map code: 1387-7831-4752

Created by: Candook

The player is in a fun run obstacle course. There is a counter in the top left-hand corner for minutes played.
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Go get those coins!

There are plenty of parkour fun run maps to choose from, but there is undoubtedly something special about this one. There are coins that act as checkpoints throughout the map, and a huge variety of obstacles to get through. This one is perfect if you just want to hang out, maybe practise some movement and enjoy a nicer version of Fortnite.

Keep your eyes open though! There are secrets hidden throughout the map, often in difficult-to-reach places or hidden in the obstacles themselves. They will look like an orange and blue pyramid shape, and will grant a huge XP boost so they are well worth going out of your way for. These secrets do only give XP once, however, so you don’t need to find them each time you go through the run.

Variety Dropper

Map code: 3547-1699-5825

Created by: 2xvoid

The player is jumping down into a pit, with brightly coloured obstacles in their path.
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Avoid the obstacles!

One of the last game modes popular with the XP maps are the dropper maps. The premise is simple, and they are very fun to play! You have to drop down the landing pad at the bottom, without hitting any of the platforms on the way down. It’ll test your reaction speeds and basic game movement, and there are plenty of different levels to go through.

With Variety Dropper, you get XP three different ways while playing. First of all, you get XP every couple of minutes just for being there. This is a great incentive for when you get stuck on a particularly difficult drop. Secondly, you get XP for completing each level. Lastly, if you manage to make it through every level till the end, you’ll get a huge XP boost for finishing it!

How to use Fortnite XP map codes

Enter a valid island code below:
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Just put the code in and away we go!

Once in Fortnite Creative, go to the tab on the right that says ISLAND CODE and put in whatever code you want. This is currently the only way to search for specific maps.

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