How to Play Squid Game in Fortnite Creative

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Within two weeks of releasing on Netflix, Squid Game has turned into an absolute sensation around the world. Coming in with the concept of children's games accompanied by deadly stakes, the series goes much deeper to reveal various intricacies of society.

However, with the global popularity of the Netflix series going through the charts, the Fortnite community has come up with their own version of Squid Game. Designed by notable Fortnite content creator Glitch King, this creative map provides players with an identical experience of the games shown in the Netflix series.

Additionally, players can also earn more than 125,000 XP on a daily basis from Fortnite Creative. Thus, spending some time in Creative maps can actually help in unlocking exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics in Fortnite Chapter 3 after it releases.

Let's dive in and take a look at how you can play Squid Game in Fortnite Creative.

Squid Game in Fortnite Creative

Similar to other custom games, players will require a map code to join any specific mode in Fortnite Creative. Once they have the map code, they can simply head over to the game selection menu in Fortnite to join the custom map.

Here's a step-by-step instruction for playing Glitch King's Squid Game in Fortnite Creative.

  • Launch Fortnite and head over to the game selection menu
  • Select Creative,
  • Select Island Code,
  • Enter the code 4453-7853-1540 and enter the custom map.

Executing these steps correctly will allow players to experience the iconic game mode from Netflix's Squid Game series in Fortnite Creative.

Owing to the popularity of the series, there were more Squid Game maps that saw the light of day. Here are a few of our Squid Game map picks.

Fortnite Creative Squid Game map codes

  • Vysena’s Octo Game

This is probably one of the most popular Squid Game maps out there. The lobby is mostly packed with players waiting to play.

This map contains almost all the mini games that we've seen in Squid Game, so it's no surprise why people like it so much.

Island code: 1898-3233-1949

  • Enderbite’s Squid Game

Although it isn't as popular as the previous one, this map adds a brand new perspective to Squid Game as a whole. Apart from being a regular participant, you could also play as one of the guards, making it an all round Squid Game experience.

Island code: 4676-6349-2419

There are a few other Squid Game themed maps out there, so feel free to look out for more such maps.

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