Ninja and Dr Disrespect’s joint foray into Tfue’s $100k Fortnite Cup ends in a swift defeat

Dr Disrespect, Ninja and Timthetatman in Fortnite.

Dr Disrespect, Ninja and Timthetatman in Fortnite.

While he’s recently been spending a lot of time doing what he does best in Warzone 2.0, despite also having slammed it as the worst Call of Duty ever, Dr Disrespect also loves to team up with other popular streamers from time to time.

A lot of these high-profile team-ups, such as the Doc’s first gaming session with Ninja in over two years, have been staged in Fortnite, with the battle bus providing the ideal setting for a content creator collab.

However, the latest of these massive get-togethers, which saw a team of Dr Disrespect, Ninja, Timthetatman and CouRageJD take on a $100k tournament organised by fellow streamer Tfue, hasn’t ended too positively.

Did you think this streaming all-star team would last longer in the tournament?

Live-streamed by Ninja on YouTube, the crew’s attempt to earn victory in the competition ended in defeat after just three games, with Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop summarising their efforts by saying: “(In game one, Tim thought it was (over for us), (in) game two, Doc felt it was (over for us), and (in) game three, we got dead last and our tournament ended.”

This was followed by a debate over the minuscule number of kills the team had managed during their bid to earn Fortnite glory, with them concluding, despite Timthetatman protesting the idea that his using a car to get one of the kills had cost them points based on the tournament's rules, that they’d finished up with a negative number of points overall.

“We would’ve done better if we didn't spawn in.” quipped Dunlop at the end of this discussion, providing a fitting eulogy for the effort.

While Ninja finished his stream not long after this point, the other three creators found even more ways to convey how dismal their effort had been, suggesting in the clip below that the creation of some of Dr Disrespect’s snazzy graphics and backgrounds for the stream had likely taken longer than they’d lasted in the contest.

Thankfully, while he’s getting over the defeat and a minor roasting from his buddies, the moustachioed one can relax with a bottle of his own bourbon, which debuted late last year.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping that the group won’t be discouraged from pursuing Fortnite glory together again at some point in the future, make sure to follow us for more updates on popular streamers like MissMikkaa, who’re recently been trying to beat Elden Ring while using a guitar as a controller.

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