Dr Disrespect brands Warzone 2 as 'worst CoD ever'

An image of Dr Disrespect next to some COD soldiers

An image of Dr Disrespect next to some COD soldiers

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to sharing opinions on the Call of Duty franchise, especially the current state of Warzone 2. Despite claiming he’s not a fan of the battle royale, fans of the two-time will often see the streamer dropping into Al Mazrah.

More often than not, the Doc will slam the current state of Warzone 2, citing various flaws with the game and how there are better alternatives ahead of Season Two. Although there are better titles, the streamer refuses to abandon Warzone 2 much to the confusion of fans.

On January 30, the Doc dropped into some solo matches and after failing to reach the winner’s circle, the streamer brands the game as the ‘worst Call of Duty ever.’

Is Warzone 2 really that bad?

After a few hours of solo action, the Doc eventually calls time on his Warzone 2 gameplay before switching to PUBG for some more battle royale action.

During the broadcast, the streamer says Warzone 2 “might go down as one of the most awful Call of Duty experiences to date.” Certainly strong words from the two-time who’s no stranger to the hugely popular shooter franchise. While some may view his opinions as harsh, the Doc was involved in developing previous releases including Advanced Warfare.

PUBG launched back in 2017 and the fact that Doc would rather play that instead of Warzone 2 is telling. The streamer feels Warzone 2 should be a new and exciting battle royale offering but feels that the game is “not it.”

There’s a high chance the Doc won’t abandon Warzone 2 altogether just yet. The launch of Season Two and the arrival of a new Resurgence map could rekindle his love for Call of Duty. Either way, expect to see the Doc continuing his love/hate relationship with Warzone 2 for the foreseeable future.

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