Dr Disrespect’s newly launched Black Steel Bourbon is already sold out

Dr Disrespect's beautiful face and wonderful interior design.

Dr Disrespect's beautiful face and wonderful interior design.

While he’s recently been spending a lot of time doing what he does best in Warzone 2.0, streamer Dr Disrespect also has a lot of side projects on the go.

The main one of these that you’ll probably have heard of is Deadrop, the FPS currently being worked on by game studio Midnight Society, which seems to be coming along relatively well, despite some delays.

However, the Doc has just unveiled another of his sidelines, in the form of an alcoholic beverage that’s already managed to sell out.

Are you interested in trying a Dr Disrespect-approved beverage?

Appearing on the drink’s Twitter account late yesterday, Dr Disrespect announced the liquor, named Black Steel Bourbon, via a short promo video starring both the regular Guy Beahm and his infamous streaming persona.

As you can see, Beahm’s sales pitch was fairly laid-back by his standards, with the streamer quipping from a comfy chair in a rather posh living room: “Listen, I can’t tell you how to win, I can only tell you what winning tastes like.”

Despite not being shouted through a microphone at a player on an opposing team, it seems this message resonated with the Doc’s audience, leading them to storm the bourbon’s website in such numbers that it temporarily crashed a few times, leading the streamer to put out a tweet urging them to: “Knock it off.”

They eventually had to do just that when the beverage, which claims to deliver “a smooth yet wildly distinctive flavour profile enveloped with notes of sweet grain, charred wood, green apple, vanilla bean, and citrus peel at 93 proof,” sold out completely.

However, don’t read too much into the sell out, as the drink is only being produced in limited quantities, making it artificially scarce.

Though, if you did miss out and are desperate to sip the Doc’s sweet nectar, you can click a link on the website to be notified when more of it becomes available.

Regardless of whether you’ve now clicked that link 45 times just to be sure you’ll get an email, make sure to follow us for more updates on popular streamers like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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