Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Tier List (March 2024) Team Tier List And The Best Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Tier List

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Tier List

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is allowing you to pick your starter Pokemon for the first time in the history of a Mystery Dungeon game.

In the past where you would be stuck with whatever Pokemon your personality best suited with; now you can really pick the best starter team possible.

This has opened up the door for more Pokemon combinations as players can dictate what Pokemon they want to make up their team of two.

So, let's go over with the best combinations you can use along with the overall best Pokemon! 

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Pokemon Tier List: S Tier

These Pokemon are without a doubt the best of the best; from their move sets to the typing they possess.

Having one of these Pokemon in your rescue team is crucial if you want an above-average experience during Mystery Dungeon be sure to keep an eye out for these Pokemon 

All Core Starters 

Pokemon Tier List: S Tier



Yes, we know this may be an obvious choice for the S tier of our rankings; however, it makes the most sense after all.

The nine starter Pokemon from the first three regions of the Pokemon games; Kanto, Johto and Hoenn are viewed as the best in the entire Pokemon series and for good reason.

The three typings they all vary from are; water, fire and grass and they all have unique moves that would be beneficial in certain scenarios.

Whenever you see someone's Mystery Dungeon team, they typically have one of these starter Pokemon in there; so it is the safest bet you can place while playing this game! 


Formidable Choices: A Tier

Moving away from the starter Pokemon and the S tier, this next tier of Pokemon are strong enough to help your team through most of the dungeons and will serve you well. Most of these Pokemon are looked at as strong Pokemon in the actual Pokemon games so do not be surprised with our list!

Formidable Choices: A Tier



If you are looking for a Pokemon to use with a different typing than the starter Pokemon, these are for sure the best ones to look at in Mystery Dungeon.


Remaining Bunch: B Tier

The final Pokemon are ones that you should not choose if you are looking to dominate all of the dungeons in Mystery Dungeon. Although they are good Pokemon in their own regards, they do not stack up compared to the other Pokemon on our list. 

Remaining Bunch: B Tier



Combination List

Of course, in the Mystery Dungeon games, you cannot just have one Pokemon on your team; you are going to need a partner as well.

Although you can choose who you want to play alongside with, here are some general tips we have. 

  • Make sure to cover your primary Pokemon's weakness. 
  • Choosing a Pokemon of the opposite typing is a safe bet.
  • Try and have at least one core starter Pokemon in there!

Let's take a look at some of the best Pokemon combinations to use! 

Be sure to let us know some of your personal favourites Pokemon combinations for the Mystery Dungeon titles! 

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