Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Demo Review, Size, Length, Quiz, Free Download, Save And End Date

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX launched March 6th, but if you're looking to get a feel for how this game will play you can download the demo first!

The demo allows you to play a limited amount of the new Pokemon game before you think of buying the game.

This is a great idea as the price can be seen as quite steep when you consider that it is a remake of an old game.

Here's everything you need to know about the demo.

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Demo Details

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX demo will allow you to play the first hour of the game.

You will be able to select your starter Pokemon and partner before you go on to explore the tutorial phase of the game - which will include a few simple dungeons.

Players can choose one of twelve starter Pokemon to play as and select a new Pokemon after.

Although you are unable to recruit Pokemon in the demo, you will be able to add up to your Rescue Team later on.

All of your saved data will be carried over into the full game when it launches.

The game will be supported in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.

The game is recommended for 7 years and up.

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Release Date And End Date

The demo is available NOW!

You can jump onto the Nintendo eShop and download it to your Nintendo Switch device.

The demo doesn't have an end date and the full game has already launched.

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How Long Is The Demo?

The demo has about 1-2 hours long, depending on what you do within the demo, as you play through the opening stages of the game.

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What Is The Demo Size?

The demo is 2155.00 MB (2.16 GB)


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX follows very similar mechanics and rules that the regular Pokemon series follows, but this is a spin-off and there are plenty of differences.

The game has made many improvements from the 2006 game that many know and love. Features like being able to have 8 Pokemon in your party allows you to have a much more diverse pool of companions in your rescue team.

Other changes include quality of life improvements like being able to arrange your team, items and money at the Dungeon prep screen and purchase camps while in dungeons.

This 2006 remaster also introduces a selection of Generation 4 Pokemon AND Mega Evolution.

There's still a lot to explore within the game, but it made a solid impression on us based on the demo.

If you're unfamiliar with the series you may be out of your comfort zone and lack interest in the mechanics, but if you're a big fan of this Pokemon spin-off, you should enjoy it all over again on Nintendo Switch.

Score: 7.5/10

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