Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Is It A Remake?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX makes its way to modern consoles in the form of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

The new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game will follow on from the very popular Pokemon Sword and Shield, but a question remains for many players: is it a remake? Or is it a port?

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Is It A Remake Or Port?

This game is, in fact, a remake and has been remastered for current consoles.

Considering the game will cost £49.99, you would hope that it's a GOOD remake at that.


What's New?

There are a number of cool new features included in the remastered Mystery Dungeon game including:

  • Choice of starter Pokemon
  • Graphics/Art style
  • Mega-Evolution 
  • Auto-Save
  • Auto mode (Pressing the L Button will automatically move the player and their team until an enemy is approached or the button is pressed again)
  • The A Button selects the best move against an opponent.
  • Up to five additional team members can be added while in a dungeon, for a total of eight teammates.
  • Some new items, like the Bank Orb.
  • The Makuhita Dojo has been revamped. Only one Pokémon can enter at a time, experience gained is boosted, and there is a time limit, depending on which ticket the player gives to Makuhita.
  • Gummies can no longer be taken out of the Kangaskhan Storage. Instead, they are eaten at a rescue camp.
  • The names of the player's main character, partner, and rescue team can be changed in the main menu.
  • TMs can no longer be Recycled - they are destroyed.
  • Recycle now instead changes a Plain Seed to a different Seed or an Oran Berry.
  • Friend Areas and the Wigglytuff Club are replaced by rescue team camps and Wigglytuff's Camp Corner.
  • Shiny Pokémon can be recruited using the Friend Bow.
  • A shortcut from the Team Base to the Pelipper Post Office is created by Diglett early on in the game.
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