Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Team Names And Rescue Teams

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX allows you to customise your own Rescue Team and make it your own with its own name.

Team names are incredibly important to Dungeon explorers and this remake of the Game Boy classic has never been more so.


So what's the lure behind team names?

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Team Names & Rescue Teams

Rescue teams, exploration teams and adventure squads are groups of two to four Pokémon in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Each team usually has a personal goal they seek to fulfil.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, you will come across other teams in the game - here are the teams you will encounter:

  • Team A.C.T.
  • Team Meanies
  • Team Shifty
  • Team Constrictor
  • Team Hydro
  • Team Rumblerock
  • Team Fakers

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As mentioned previously, you'll be able to name your Rescue Team however you wish.

The community have been discussing their team names in-depth since the game was announced, here are some great suggestions for team names:

  • Team Let’s Go (Pikachu and Eevee)
  • Team Cuty (Cubone and Skitty)
  • Team Treequil (Treecko and Cyndaquil)
  • Team Mudee (Mudkip and Eevee)
  • Team Chicks (Chikorita and Torchic)
  • Team Skittle (Skitty and Squirtle)
  • Team Psycko (Psyduck and Treecko)
  • Team Curmander (Cubone and Charmander)
  • Team Blast Off (Pikachu and Meowth)
  • Team Ho-Oh-Enn (Treecko/Mudkip/Torchic)
  • Team Lightbulb (Bulbasaur and Pikachu)