Pokémon Unite Login Error Occurred - How to Fix Login Error Message

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If you've just jumped into Pokémon Unite on mobile or if you've been a long-time player, there are times when you just can't log in to the game. It's annoying, but bugs and errors happen, and one specific error is cropping up an annoying amount at the moment.

"Pokémon Unite Login Error Occurred" is the dreaded message that no player wants to hear when logging in - or trying to. However, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the error. We can't guarantee that any of this will work, but it's your best chance of getting into a game.


After all, what's the point in buying some stylish Holowear for the best monsters on our Pokémon Unite tier list, leveling up their held items, and grinding to unlock Mamoswine or Sylveon if you can't even get in the game?

How Do You Fix Pokémon Unite "Login Error Occurred" Message?

There are a few steps you can take to fix the Pokémon Unite Login Error Occurred message. The message itself will tell you to restart the game, and we recommend you take that advice. However, sometimes this doesn't work. We'd give it a few goes before trying other methods, as we've heard some reports of players getting into the game after multiple restarts.

However, if that's not working for you, try following these steps:

  • Restart your device. It's essentially an extension of restarting the game, but might help you out
  • Ensure there are no outstanding updates for the game or your system
  • Check your Internet connection. If it is working correctly, ensure you don't have lots of apps or devices using bandwidth
  • You can also restart your Internet router
  • Check that servers are online and not having issues. The Pokémon Unite Twitter account is usually very good at reporting server outages
  • The final resort is leaving the game for a couple of hours and trying again later

The last resort isn't ideal, but hopefully your issues are fixed before then. Good luck in fixing the issue and hopefully you can get into some games before too long!