Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: pre order bonuses revealed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: pre order bonuses revealed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: pre order bonuses revealed
November 18, 2022: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is out now

If you're looking for information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre order bonuses, a recent Pokemon Presents has revealed all the information we need to know. There are a few different tiers and new things to download so here's a rundown of what you can get and how to get it.

Alongside this, we go over a little bit of what makes the next Pokemon game special and what the team plan on changing about it. Some of the preorder bonuses may need a slight explanation so we go over the new type and when you can play it for yourself.

If you want to know all about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's gym leaders, here's what we know. If this isn't your kind of thing, here's what you should know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre order bonuses

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet come with a special Pikachu you can earn for buying the game early. This Pikachu comes with Fly, a move it usually isn't able to learn. It also has a Flying Tera Type.

To get it, you have to purchase the game and then use the in-game Mystery Gift mechanic before February 28, 2023. This appears to be the only way of getting this special Pikachu.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: pre order bonuses revealed
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As well as this, if you choose to purchase the game digitally, you can get the Adventure Set. You will receive a code alongside your digital order, that you can redeem for the following:

  • Potion ×10
  • Full Heal ×5
  • Revive ×3
  • Ether ×3
  • Rare Candy ×1
  • Nugget ×1

Finally, you also get a unique preorder bonus if you choose to buy the Double-Pack, an option that comes with both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This will reward you with two codes, allowing you to redeem them for 100 Poke Balls on each copy of the game. As of right now, these are all the pre order bonuses in the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release Date

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to launch on November 18, 2022. This means we are now mere months away from the launch. Set in the Paldea region, it takes a little bit from all of their previous game, with tonnes of pokemon, a lot of land to explore and a grand story.

As of right now, there's still quite a lot we don't know but recent trailers have tried to illuminate this somewhat. Paldea is a region intended to be explored and it has tonnes of varied and unique cities. As always, there are brand new Pokemon to find and a new central gimmick called Tera Type. Like a mega evolution, Pokemon can change their type once per battle for a little more creativity in your moves.

If you can't wait to play the game for yourself, this is everything we know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet professors. If you're wondering if Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the ninth gen, you may want to look at this.

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