12 May 2021 5:56 PM +00:00

Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Turn-Based Battles?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus might be the biggest step we’ve seen this franchise take, giving us an open-world game with a lot of Pokemon from various generations to catch, so it’s hard not to be excited.

Fans are so excited for Pokemon Legends: Arceus that they actually don’t mind if it gets delayed from it’s vague 2022 release date since we prefer quality over quantity, especially since the framerate wasn’t great in the trailer, though we’d love it if it came out early and good.

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Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Have Turn-Based Battles?

With the move to open-world, many wondered if Pokemon Legends: Arceus would keep the series’ long-running turn-based battle system and the simple answer is yes.

During the game’s reveal, we saw bits of the battle system and we still had a menu with attacks for the Pokemon to execute, so we’re not getting a battle system similar to Pokken Tournament or Yokai Watch.

Honestly, the old-school turn-based battles in Pokemon have rarely been an issue with fans so seeing it stay prominent in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is totally fine, though we’re sure there are a number of fans who wanted something different.

The fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is going through so many major changes in itself should excuse keeping the turn-based battles since, let’s be honest, who wants to make all those move-sets for hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be coming out sometime in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and will probably be everyone’s favorite Pokemon game when it finally comes out.