How to Catch Alpha Pokémon and All Alpha Locations in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

As soon as players saw the first Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer, there was one thing on their minds. Yes, that terrifying Ursaring chasing the player character across the overworld, eyes red with rage. Okay, maybe we were thinking about Cyndaquil too, but it's basically one thing.

We're talking about Alpha Pokémon. These scary, enraged monsters charge at you through the undergrowth and can knock your actual character unconscious - so, you need to be prepared for a fight.

Here's everything we know about Alpha Pokémon in Arceus: Legends and how to catch them!

A Gyarados with red eyes rears its head out of a lake and roars.
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How to Find Alpha Pokémon

You can find Alpha Pokémon roaming about the Hisui region. You'll notice them because of the glowing red eyes and their incredibly aggressive manner when they charge at you from across the plains. Seriously, they're hard to miss.

How to Catch Alpha Pokémon

You just need to battle the Alpha Pokémon and catch it in the regular manner. These Pokémon will be bigger and stronger, knowing some moves that standard Pokémon cannot learn. They're notoriously difficult to catch, but it is possible if you use the right combination of moves while simultaneously ensuring your Trainer dodges any of their attacks and doesn't faint.

Whether you're going to be able to catch the Alpha can somewhat be determined by your rank. You should, ideally, be two to three Survey Corps ranks above the rank you were when you entered that region, in order to easily capture the Alpha Pokémon.

A Luxray with red eyes unleashes a charge of electricity at a dodging trainer.
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Confirmed Alpha Pokémon Locations

There's a lot of Alpha Pokémon lurking around Hisui, and you'll probably find upwards of ten of them in each area of the map. From what we know about the game, it appears that any species native to an area of Hisui has a chance of also appearing in that area as an Alpha. Here our the Alpha Pokémon we know of in each area, and where we found them, but we're certain that there are more!

Obsidian Fieldlands

  • Rapidash - Horseshoe Plains
  • Golbat - Oreburrow Tunnel
  • Staravia - Windswept Run
  • Bibarel - Tidewater Dam
  • Graveler - Grueling Grove
  • Floatzel - Worn Bridge
  • Heracross - Grueling Grove
  • Alakazam - Sandgem Flats
  • Parasect - Nature's Pantry
  • Luxio - Foara Gardens
  • Chansey - Obsidian Falls
  • Infernape - Ramanas Island
  • Lopunny - The Heartwood
  • Stantler - Deertrack Heights
  • Snorlax - Lake Verity

Crimson Mirelands

  • Tangrowth - Scarlet Bog
  • Skuntank - Scarlet Bog
  • Pachirisu - Gapejaw Bog
  • Carnivine - Cottonsedge Prairie
  • Ursaring - Ursa's Ring and Gapejaw Bog
  • Roserade - Cloudpool Ridge
  • Hisuian Sliggoo - Holm of Trials
  • Rhyhorn - Diamond Settlement
  • Hippowdon - Sludge Mound
  • Raichu - Golden Lowlands
  • Onix - Diamond Settlement
  • Lickilicky - Shrouded Ruins
  • Honchkrow - Cloudpool Ridge
  • Torterra - Holm of Trials
  • Yanmega - Droning Meadow
  • Vespiquen - Cottonsedge Prairie

Cobalt Coastlands

  • Machoke - Castaway Shore
  • Octillery - Castaway Shore
  • Ambipom - Hideaway Bay
  • Golduck - Bather's Lagoon
  • Purugly - Veilstone Cape
  • Drapion - Gingko Landing
  • Gastrodon - Seagrass Haven
  • Ninetales - Firespit Island
  • Walrein - Gingko Landing
  • Mothim - Spring Path
  • Lumineon - Seagrass Haven
  • Gyarados - Sand's Reach
  • Dusknoir - Deadwood Haunt
  • Empoleon - Islespy Shore

Coronet Highlands

  • Bronzong - Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Gabite - Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Mothim - Wayward Wood
  • Crobat - Wayward Cave
  • Luxray - Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Steelix - Celestica Trail
  • Golem - Bolderoll Ravine
  • Clefable - Fabled Spring
  • Hisuina Goodra - Ancient Quarry
  • Electivire - Cloudcap Pass
  • Mismagius - Stonetooth Rows
  • Rhyperior - Sacred Plaza
  • Gliscor - Primeval Grotto
  • Probopass - Primeval Grotto

Alabaster Icelands

  • Swinub - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Hisuian Sneasel - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Piloswine - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Electabuzz - Icebound Falls
  • Glalie - Bonechill Wastes
  • Mamoswine - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Abomasnow - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Gardevoir - Heart's Crag
  • Gallade - Snowpoint Temple
  • Machamp - Arena's Approach
  • Lucario - Icebound Falls
  • Froslass - Avalanche Slopes
  • Garchomp - Avalanche Slopes

That's everything we know about Alpha Pokémon and their enraged tendencies. We'll update this page with more Alpha Pokémon across each region as soon as we encounter more! For more on the title, check out our guide to character customisation and which new Pokemon and Hisuian forms can be found!

Updated on February 4, 2022 by Kelsey Raynor.

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