Pokémon GO Bug Might Have Leaked New Rocket Leader Shinies

Pokémon GO players have been enjoying the new Fashion Week event for a few days now, and with multiple regional Furfrou forms to add to the PokéDex, it seems we'll be enjoying it for a long time after it has finished.

However, some players are enjoying it more than others, as a glitch or bug has gifted them shiny shadow encounters from regular Rocket Grunts. Usually, only Rocket Leaders' Pokémon have a chance of being shiny, but it appears that the bug has turned on some shinies for Grunts, too.

This has happened in the past, and has sometimes pre-empted the addition of these Pokémon to the Leaders' lineups. With Jessie and James returning in October's Secrets of the Jungle event, it might be the perfect time to switch up Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra's lineups. Heck, could we even see Giovanni return with Shadow Lugia?

Pokémon GO Bug Might Have Leaked New Rocket Leader Shinies

A few lucky players have taken to social media to question why they encountered shiny Shadow Pokémon that aren't released and shouldn't be available from Grunt encounters.

Three new shiny Shadow Pokémon have been sighted so far: Swinub, Snubbul, and Skorupi. You can see the posts below. First up, Skorupi:

Next, a shiny Shadow Swinub from Reddit:

And finally, shiny Shadow Snubbul:

Players are wondering whether these will be the Leaders' new Pokémon or Jessie and James' encounters. Snubbul and Swinub are both super-effective on Zarude, the new mythical Pokémon launching in the same Secrets of the Jungle event as Jessie and James, but until we get official confirmation that's as good as a conspiracy theory.

Some fans are even hoping that regular Rocket Grunts will potentially get shiny encounters, but that seems a little far-fetched. Either way, it's exciting to see Team Rocket get fresh reinforcements after a long time to stagnate.

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