Pokemon GO Registeel: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Registeel Any Good?

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Registeel is back in the raid rotation of Pokemon GO, and that means plenty of new players can get their hands on another great PVP Pokemon.

In Pokemon GO, Registeel sits among some of the best choices for tanks that can take a hit and send some damage right back. As a legendary Pokemon, Registeel has the benefit of additional base stats in defense that most other Pokemon in the Great League could only dream of. Giving Registeel the right moves is important to its success though.


For the Fast Attack, players should use Lock On, which is a Normal-type attack. At first glance, Metal Claw seems better and certainly does far more damage. However, Lock On has twice the energy per second gained. That means Registeel will be able to fire off twice the amount of Charge Attacks in a Pokemon GO PVP battle.

When choosing the Charge Attack, the priority move is Focus Blast. Though it won't have the same type attack bonus, Focus Blast hits hard and can capitalize on the energy per second gain of Lock On. The two moves paired together are devastating for teams that don't have a counter.

If Pokemon GO players can obtain enough Registeel candy, then Flash Cannon is a fantastic second Charge Attack choice. It has the same Steel-type as Registeel, and it is a great shield burning attack.

Is Registeel a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Registeel is one of the top choices in the Great League for good reason. It is a super tanky legendary Pokemon that can consistently dish out charge attacks without dying fast.


In other leagues like the Ultra League, Registeel XL is still a great option but can require some extra work.