Pokemon GO Pangoro: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Pangoro Any Good?

Pangoro is officially available in Pokemon GO with the addition of Pancham in the Luminous Legends X event. Once players get enough Pancham candy, they can have their own Fighting-type Pangoro.

The typing on Pangoro is already something to take note of in Pokemon GO PVP battles. Pangoro is a dual-type Fighting and Dark Pokemon, which has a lot of great potential, as long as players make use of the available moveset for the Generation VI panda.

For the Fast Attack on Pangoro, Snarl is certainly the best option in PVP battles. Between the three options that Pangoro has, Snarl has the most damage and the highest energy per second gained. It's an attack that will certainly make Pangoro a dangerous pick.

When players choose the Charge Attack, the priority should be Close Combat. It has a ton of damage potential, especially compared to the other options. It also makes good use of the Fighting-type that Pangoro has, and it offers some versatility.

If Pokemon GO players can get a second Charge Attack for their Pangoro moveset, then Nightslash is a great option. It charges fast and it can provide additional effects that benefit Pangoro.

Is Pangoro a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Pangoro is a very similar Pokemon to Scraggy, as they both have the same Fighting and Dark-type dynamic. Scraggy has proven successful in the Great League, and that likely means Pangoro can have success in PVP as well.

However, in Pokemon GO, Pangoro's moveset is different than Scraggy's. They have the same type but separate charge and fast attacks. The potential is there, but Pangoro will need to be tested in leagues like the Great League when the time comes.

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