Pokemon GO: What to expect in the Retro Cup

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The Retro Cup arrives in the Pokemon GO Battle League next week, and there are some new rules to shake up the usual formula.

On Monday, May 10, the Retro Cup will be part of the Pokemon GO Battle League playlist. Alongside it will be the Master League and the Master League Classic. Unlike many other events in the game, which time the Retro Cup starts will not be based on local time. Players can begin battling at 4 pm ET/9 pm BST. The times will change depending on the region.

Pokemon GO has never hosted a Retro Cup, so every player will be starting fresh in the league. There will be some changes in the meta, and of course, a new rule set that players haven't seen in Pokemon GO.


Pokemon GO Retro Cup rules and CP max

The rules for the Retro match the title; it's a throwback to a time for trainers who've been at it for a long time. That means some types are banned from the cup itself.

Only the original types are allowed in the Retro Cup, which is where the throwback comes in. That excludes three types which are Dark, Steel, and Fairy-types. Considering that many of the top picks in the Meta have those typings, competition is sure to be shaken up.

For the CP limit, the Retro Cup will be held at a max of 1,500 CP, which is essentially the Great League. Additionally, picks such as Ditto and Shedinja will be banned with the other three types. The Cup will run for one week only until May 17, 2021.