Pokemon GO: How To Evolve Pancham into Pangoro

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Pancham has debuted in Pokemon GO after players completed the community Fairy-type challenge, and that means Pangoro is available as well.

Once players have their own Pancham in Pokemon GO, they will have the opportunity to evolve it into a Pangoro, but a challenge needs to be completed first. When players go to the screen for their Pancham, a silhouette of Pangoro can be seen, and under it, a drop-down that says "Adventure together to evolve."


Adventuring together can mean a different challenge depending on the Pokemon, but on Pancham, the challenge is to catch 32 Dark-type Pokemon. Right now in Pokemon GO, that's a difficult challenge to complete, but that won't be the case for long.

Pancham will be a part of Luminous Legends Y next week, and during that event, Dark-type Pokemon will be spawning far more often. Players can get the 32 Dark-type Pokemon they need, and the evolution process can begin. At that point, players will need 50 Pancham candy in total to evolve it into a Pangoro.

How to catch Pancham in Pokemon GO

For the second week of Luminous Legends X, Pancham was added to raids because the Pokemon GO community completed the Fairy-type challenge the week before. But Pancham won't go away after this week.


During Luminous Legends Y, Pancham will have a chance to hatch from Strange Eggs, which can be acquired from Team GO Rocket Grunts in the event. With enough luck and some Pinap berries, players can quickly get their own Pangoro in Pokemon GO.