Pokemon GO - how to share referral code

Pokemon go how to refer friends

Pokemon go how to refer friends

You would think that Pokemon GO would suffer some huge losses after the pandemic but the mobile game has managed to adapt and survive. The developers at Niantic adjusted the game a bit to make it more playable indoors, but that doesn’t mean the game feels the same since GO players really miss heading outdoors and catching Pokemon with their friends.

Niantic has decided to try capturing that magic Pokemon GO had when it first came out with the Pokemon GO referral program. This lets players invite friends who have either never played the game or haven’t played the game in 90 days or more and in doing so can lead to some sweet rewards for you and your friend.

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How to get Pokemon GO referral code

Thankfully, the Pokemon GO referral program is pretty easy to use and we’ll walk you through the steps.

First, go to the game’s Friends screen and tap Invite to get a referral code, then give that code to a friend who hasn’t played the game in 90 days or has never even played Pokemon GO.

After your friend has signed up for Pokemon GO, rewards should start coming in for both of you and more rewards will come as your friend reaches certain milestones. As if you needed any more convincing to play more.

Rewards for the Pokemon GO referral program can range from Pokemon Encounters, Incubators for your Pokemon Eggs, Rare Candy, and more, so go recommend the mobile game to your friends since sharing is caring.

It’s not quite as fun as going to random places and seeing lines of people trying to catch Pokemon, as we saw during the game's launch, but at least you get to reap your friend’s rewards. For more Pokemon GO, check out everything we know about Pokemon Go Mega Nests as well as how to catch Kecleon.

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