How to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO (January 2023)

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Kecleon on the Pokemon GO map.
January 7, 2023: Community Day has kicked off across Europe. Kecleon is near.

Is it finally happening? It's finally happening! The big Pokemon GO Kecleon puzzle is starting to unravel after all these years. We actually know how to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO almost half a decade since it should have arrived with the Hoenn update. Usually, we'd say "If you need it to finish your Pokedex, read on" but of course you need it. We all need it. Read on.


Kecleon has been the blockade of the Hoenn Pokedex in-game for years now. We sort of expected new region Pokemon to appear before we could catch and collect every creature from the past one, but we didn't expect to complete newer regions before finishing an older one. And Kecleon was the one to cause that surprise shift. But it's finally over.

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How to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO

Just like the Gold Coin event that kicked off at the end of the November 2022 community day and the Meltan event that happens years prior to that, getting Kecleon in Pokemon GO means playing during the January 7, 2023 community day featuring Chespin.


At the end of the days events - so around 5pm local time - you'll find that you can't spin certain Pokestops. Echoing the gold Pokestops that dished out gold coins late last year, you'll actually want to interact with these stops even more.

Upon inspecting a Pokestop, you'll find Kecleon blocking it. Again, this is another reference to its debut games, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, where the camoflaged lizard acted like an invisible blockade.

Luckily, you won't need a specific item to reveal, fight, and catch it. You'll just be able to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO with no other silly hoops to jump through, maybe finally completing your Hoenn Pokedex in the process.


Once you interact with a Kecleon Pokestop, it'll hop off and appear on the map. So keep an eye out.

A graphic illustrating Kecleon hiding in Pokemon GO.

How to get Kecleon in Pokemon GO after Community Day

We don't yet know if you'll be able to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO after the January 2023 Community Day event ends. Chances are we'll just have to wait until the following day to test the theory, and then again on Monday to confirm it wasn't just a weekend celebration.


Can Kecleon be shiny in Pokemon GO?

There haven't been any reports of a shiny Kecleon in Pokemon GO just yet. And we wouldn't expect it. Given the time we've had to wait to finally catch it, we're almost certain Niantic will keep shiny Kecleon locked away for another event. You might be waiting a while.

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