Pokemon GO Gold Coin - How to get the mysterious Paldea coin and what it does

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The ?????? chest in Pokemon.
November 7, 2022: The Pokemon chest site launched during the Pokemon GO gold coin event has finished, revealing Gimmighoul - the Coin Chest Pokemon. It'll be available in Pokemon GO in the future and transferrable to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet next year.

Just noticed the new Pokemon GO gold coin in your inventory? That's not some glitch. Despite the name being a bunch of question marks akin to the legendary MissingNo, the mysterious coins littering players' bags in November are very much intentional. Here's what we know about the Paldea coin in Pokemon GO.


Before we get too into the weeds, it's worth noting that any early details of this new PoGO item are one hundred percent speculatory. Nobody knows quite what the item is for, and even data miners haven't figured it out yet. Like when Meltan showed up in PoGO before any other game, this is clearly a tease for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We just don't know for sure what it's teasing beyond that.

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What is the Pokemon GO Gold Coin?

Technically called the Gimmighoul Roaming Form and simply redubbed for its obvious colourings, the Pokemon GO gold coin is a new item that appeared in-game on November 5, 2022 directly after the hours of the Community Day Classic event starring Dratini. Initially, the game had it down as the ?????? Coin, until its real name was revealed.

Also known as the Paldea coin, this name doesn't come from any visible markings linking to the region, but actually name-dropped in the item's own description.

How do I get the Pokemon GO Gold Coin?

Getting gold coins in Pokemon GO is really easy right now. Just spin gold Pokestops and, on top of more items than your typical Pokestop spin, you'll notice the ?????? coin among the rewards.


You'll presumably be unable to get these once the gold Pokestops go away, but we don't yet know when that will be. Just focus on getting as many as you can while you can.

What does the gold coin do in Pokemon GO?

So far, nothing. The ?????? coin in Pokemon GO is just a little trophy to say "I was there."

That being said, we suspect the mysterious Paldea coin will serve a unique purpose soon enough. We don't know what, but with a brand-new Pokemon we don't even know the name of following you around as you collect them, it's safe to say the two are connected.

Now we know that the coins are the Gimmighoul Roaming Form, it's likely that collecting those coins will soon translate to rewards or alternate forms once the base Gimmighoul arrives in Pokemon GO. We don't know when that'll be, but all your collecting won't go unnoticed.

The ?????? chest on the Pokemon website.

When will the gold coins in Pokemon GO be useable?

November 27 seems to be the safest bet so far, as that's when a mysterious Pokemon GO event is scheduled to take place.


With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releasing on November 18 and the current in-game happenings clearly tied to its Paldea region, it's likely we'll be given just over a week to play the new games uninterrupted before we're pulled back to Pokemon GO to link the two games together.

Around the same time the coin began appearing, Pokemon social media pages linked to the new chest.pokemon.com site with a message seemingly scheduled for five minutes before the post went live, confusing many. After an hour, the check opened slightly, with the option to zoom into the object from a different angle appearing as well.

The tab name of the site was also "??????," matching the name of the in-game coin. The website now relocates to a page all about Paldean research into Gimmighoul, for you to learn much more about it prior to launch.

History of the Pokemon GO Gold Coin and the Coin Pokemon

Around a month ago now, dataminers found the image for the item in the game data. Named Mysterious Coin, it was already clear at that point that it would link to the Coin Pokemon added to the game data and spotted hiding behind the camera controls of a recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer.


On November 5, both the coin and the Pokemon appeared in-game, with the coin dropping at new gold Pokestops and the Coin Pokemon then following the player on the overworld map after a brief chat with the Paldea region's school homeroom teacher Jacq through a hologram device also discovered in the game around the same time.

The event echoes the one that revealed Meltan and Melmetal in Pokemon GO ahead of their release in Pokemon Let's GO and Pokemon Sword and Shield, where they started to spawn unannounced at the end of a Community Day event a few years back.

We'll have more on the Pokemon GO gold coin as soon as it drops. Until then, check out the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex. We'll be updating that with this new Pokemon as soon as we know a name.