Pokemon GO: How to Defeat Mega Lopunny

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Mega Lopunny is the latest Mega Pokemon to make an appearance in Pokemon GO since the feature was added into the game. On Easter, Mega Lopunny was released as a surprise Mega Pokemon for the Spring into Spring event.

In order to get a Mega Lopunny, players need to defeat one in a Mega Pokemon GO raid. One Mega raid won't be enough, as players will need to get 200 mega energy for a Mega Lopunny. That means running through about five Mega raids without any event challenge rewards.

Not only will players need to complete multiple Mega raids, but they'll need to be ready for high cp battles with a bit more of a challenge. Mega raids can vary in cp levels, but Mega Lopunny, in particular, is over 50,000 cp. That means a team of five or more should take on the Mega.

The best counters for Mega Lopunny in Pokemon GO

Once players have a team put together for the Mega raid, whether it's from invites or other random players, it's time to assemble a good team of six Pokemon. If they faint, players can always choose six more, but there is a timer on the raid.

In general, Mega Lopunny has four weaknesses that can be used in the Pokemon GO raid for a great team. Those include Fighting, Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-types. There are some Pokemon that are considered the best for the raid, but as always, those four types with a high-level Pokemon can get the job done.

Ten Mega Lopunny counters

  • Mewtwo - Confusion, Psystrike
  • Latios - Zen Headbutt, Psychic
  • Conkledurr - Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Moltres - Wing Attack, Sky Attack
  • Machamp - Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario - Counter, Aura Sphere
  • Gardevoir - Confusion, Psychic
  • Metagross - Zen Headbutt, Psychic
  • Espeon - Confusion, Psychic
  • Blaziken - Counter, Focus Blast

Once the raid is over and Mega Lopunny is defeated, players will be rewarded with the desired Mega Energy. On top of that, rewards are given and players will also get an encounter with the normal form of Lopunny.

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