Niantic Gets Tricky with Pokemon GO April Fools' Event

Pokemon GO is celebrating April Fools’ with its annual Tricky Pokemon event, unleashing hordes of mischief-loving Pokemon and launching a brand-new set of Team GO Rocket research.

The Pokemon GO April Fools’ event starts at midnight local time on April first and runs through 11:59 the same day.

Shadow Aipom will appear during all Team Rocket battles, and you’ll have more chances of encountering Team GO Rocket at PokeStops and in balloons while the event lasts.

Other tricky Pokemon, such as Purrloin and Croagunk, will be more common for the Pokemon GO April Fools’ event, though some Pokemon you encounter will be Ditto in disguise.

We’re not complaining, since Ditto are notoriously hard to catch.

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Niantic Gets Tricky with Pokemon GO April Fools' Event

Here’s everything you can expect from the Tricky Pokemon GO April Fools’ event.

Pokémon prone to mischief—like Aipom, Croagunk, and Purrloin—will be appearing more often in the wild!

  • Sources tell us that Team GO Rocket Grunts will only have Shadow Aipom on their teams during the event. They thought catching Aipom would put a stop to their pranks—but how wrong they were!
  • Team GO Rocket will be appearing more often at PokéStops and in balloons.
  • The Team GO Rocket Timed Research launching during this event will be available from Thursday, April 1, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. to Thursday, April 8, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. local time. Complete it within that time to earn a Super Rocket Radar and other rewards!
  • The switch timer in the GO Battle League will be cut in half! Could this be more Pokémon mischief at work?
  • Take a few snapshots for a surprise!
  • Ditto will be appearing more frequently in the wild during the event, so be sure to catch Pokémon that Ditto are known to transform into! We’ve also received reports of Ditto transforming into one more Pokémon species than before, and it seems this phenomenon will continue after the event concludes.

This is just the start of Pokemon GO's April Events, with plenty more to come in the following weeks, including Legendary Raids.

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[Source: Niantic]

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