Pokemon GO: The Best Moveset for Mega Lopunny

Mega Lopunny was released in Pokemon GO on Easter for the Spring into Spring event. The Mega form of Lopunny was meant as a surprise and now that players have had some time to defeat it, an optimal moveset should be chosen.

As a dual-type Normal and Fighting Pokemon, Mega Lopunny is a bit stronger in matchups when compared to the normal Lopunny. However, both of them share the same best moveset which is based on Normal-type moves.

The best moveset for Mega Lopunny in Pokemon GO

In general, movesets are split into defensive and offensive sets. Defesnse is meant more for holding gyms, while Offense is the standard best moveset for PvP or raids. Mega Lopunny simply has one best moveset for both.

For the fast attack, players should use Pound. It has a slightly higher damage output than Low Kick and it has the same energy per second gained. The slight edge that Pound has in numbers makes it an easy pick for the moveset.

The charge attack on Mega Lopunny should be Hyper Beam, which is another Normal-type move. Damage per second may be slightly lower on Hyper Beam when compared to Focus Blast. However, it charges faster and has the potential for bigger hits.

If players equip a second charge attack on Lopunny, Fire Punch is a good option. It allows for further counters, and it charges much faster than the other two moves. The damage is low but players will be able to burn shields much faster in Pokemon GO with that second option.

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