Pokemon GO Goodra: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Goodra Any Good?

Goodra is the latest Dragon-type Pokemon to be added in Pokemon GO, and it may prove useful for some Battle League teams.

With the addition of the Luminous Legends X event, Goodra and all of its other forms are available in Pokemon GO. To get Goodra, players need to catch Goomy, and get enough candy to evolve it into a Sligoo. Once players have enough candy for Goodra, which is 125 in total, a Rain Lure can be used to evolve a final form.

Goodra itself is a pure Dragon-type with a move or two that sets it apart from other Dragon-types that players use in Pokemon GO battles. With the Retro Cup now available, a great moveset on Goodra may be more useful than ever.

For the Fast Attack, the best option is clearly Dragon Breath. The attack is generally used on Dragons due to the damage it has and the speed of the attack. Charge Attacks will be ready more often, especially when compared to Water Gun.

When choosing a Charge Attack, players should prioritize Power Whip, especially in the Great League. It provides some fantastic damage for a lower energy per second when compared with other options on Goodra. A second Charge Attack can be Muddy Water, which will give Goodra a ton of Type diversity in the moveset.

Is Goodra a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Goodra so far has not appeared as a top tier pick in the Great League, especially when there are so many Dragon-type counters. However, Goodra can still prove useful depending on the team.

The diversity in Goodra's Pokemon GO moveset sets it apart from other Dragom-type options at CP 1,500. In the Retro Cup, Goodra is a solid pick, but the cup will only last for a week. After that, Goodra may have a harder time putting up a fight.

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