Pokemon GO: How To Find and Catch Goodra

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Players may now encounter Goodra in Pokemon Go. The stage 2 Dragon-type Pokemon will debut as part of the Luminous Legends X event that will begin starting today.

But with Goodra, players will first need to find the pre-requisite candy. It will begin with the basic Pokemon Goomy, then its evolved version Sliggoo, and the stage 2 and star of this guide, Goodra.

Here are all the things you need to on how you may find and catch Goodra in Pokemon Go.


Find and Catch Goodra in Pokemon GO

As mentioned above, the hunt for Goodra will begin with its Basic form which is Goomy. So, you must first look for Goomy in the wild. Using an Incense or a Lure Module could increase the chances of encountering and eventually catching Goomy.

The next step would be evolving Goomy into Sliggoo. You must have 25 Goomy Candy to do so. Just set Goomy as your Buddy Pokemon, and use either Rare Candy or Pinap Berries on your every encounter with the Dragon-type Pokemon.

Finally, you may evolve Sliggoo into Goodra while raining in the game by having 100 Goomy Candy. You just need to place Sliggoo beside a Rainy Lure Module.

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