Pokemon GO Dragonite: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Dragonite Any Good?

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Dragonite has been in Pokemon GO battles for a long time, and its moveset has cemented it as a preferred pick on many teams.

There are plenty of other strong Pokemon to choose from in the Pokemon GO Battle league, but not many are as good in multiple cups like Dragonite is. It's possible to see Dragonite on Pokemon GO PVP teams in the Great League, the Ultra League, and the Master League.

Dragonite is the classic choice for a Dragon-type Pokemon, and the additional Flying-type that it has gives the Pokemon more options. The best moveset to use for Dragonite is fairly straightforward.


For the Fast Attack, players should use Dragon Breath on Dragonite. In general, Dragon Tail is recommended, and it does more damage in theory, but it's not as fast. Most players will use Dragon Breath for the speed that it has and the damage it can still output to vulnerable Pokemon.

When choosing a Charge Attack, players should prioritize Dragon Claw. With Dragon Breath equipped, Dragonite will be able to use Dragon Claw incredibly quick, and it's fantastic shield burner with damage potential. Another option for a second Charge Attack is Hurricane or Draco Meteor.

The meteor attack has high damage but can be redundant with Dragon Claw. Hurricane will give Dragonite more options against flying-type Pokemon like Togekiss or Talonflame.

Is Dragonite a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Overall, Dragonite is a fantastic choice for PVP battles in Pokemon GO, especially for players who are still building an early team.

Many other Dragon-type Pokemon that are meta viable are harder to get than Dragonite, and they aren't as versatile between multiple leagues. Dragonite gives early and veteran players a good moveset option to interchange in Pokemon GO PVP.