Niantic Community Day May 21 - Pokémon GO Rewards And Locations

Presumably in an effort to form tighter bonds with its community days, the developers of Pokémon GO, Ingress, Peridot, and Pikmin Bloom have announced the next Niantic Community Day. With locations all over Europe and beyond, people around major cities are encouraged to play together and buddy up with their game's community teams. Here's what we know about them.

Niantic is setting up physical booths in certain locations where fans can score some free swag and chat to members of the team, but things aren't as clear as they should be. Benefits are split across participating cities. Some are flagged for extra Pokémon GO rewards, while others get the full Niantic community treatment.

We're excited for Niantic's new Peridot game to come out, which will also feature in future Community Days alongside Pokémon GO - while we wait, check out our guides on Ditto's disguises and promo codes for free stuff.

Niantic Community Day Locations for May 21

Orange (Niantic Meetup)
Blue (PokéStop Boost)
Edinburgh, Scotland - Castle Street
Newcastle, Grainger St.
Liverpool, Paradise St.
Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens
London, Westfield Shopping Centre
Birmingham, St. Philip's Cathedral
Stratford City, Westfield Shopping Centre
London, Trafalgar Square
Cardiff, Churchill Way
Bristol, Castle Park
Cardiff, Bute Park
Norwich, Norwich Castle

In the UK, there are seven locations in total that will have Niantic booths. These will have Niantic staff handing out free goodies like merchandise between 11 AM and 2 PM local time - while stocks last, of course.

There are three locations in London; at Southbank and the two Westfield malls, one in Bristol Quakers Friars Shopping Center, then Cardiff at Churchill Way, Edinburgh's Castle Street, and Liverpool's Paradise Street. For a clearer view, check out the interactive map here to see exact locations.

Niantic Community Day locations are split into two categories on the interactive map: Orange and Blue. Orange locations feature Niantic meetups, whereas Blue locations feature only boosted PokéStop items. We've listed the UK lot above.

The Niantic Community Day map for Europe.
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What Are Niantic Community Days?

Niantic's Community Days are, as the name suggests, events where the game developer urges the community associated with their games to go out and meet not just other players, but the people behind their favourite games as well.

Niantic has a specific tag for this, too: #MeetYouOutThere, which can bring people together on social media.

Is Niantic Community Day the Same As Pokémon GO Community Day?

Though Niantic Community Day is technically its own event, it does tend to coincide with Pokémon GO Community Day as well. That means this one will fall on Alolan Geodude day. With boosts to PokéStops in specific locations, anyone who can attend a Niantic Community Day spot will really be set for the day.

And that should be all you need to know about the upcoming Niantic Community Day. It isn't the first, and it won't be the last. Once we know the details of the next, we'll list them here. Until then, read up on Pokémon GO Fini counters to prep your team for this new raid.

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