Pokémon GO Tapu Fini Weakness and Best Counters

Image of Tapu Fini from the Pokémon anime

Image of Tapu Fini from the Pokémon anime
May 19, 2022: Tapu Fini is in raids now, leaving on May 25! As such, we updated this guide to reflect its in-game moveset.

On your quest to catch all of the Alolan legendaries in Pokémon GO, you may find our Tapu Fini weakness guide useful. The Pokémon is finally in raids, as one quarter of the Guardian quartet that's slowly rolling out as the Season of Alola continues. Now it has showed up, the tips below are sure to help.

Below, we'll run through a few specific Pokémon who we think will perform best against Tapu Fini now it has landed in Pokémon GO. That's on top of digging into its moveset, so you know exactly what to expect in battle.

Once you've fought Tapu Fini in Pokémon GO, why not check our Tapu Koko weakness guide to catch the first of four Alolan legendaries? We've also got battle guides for Team GO Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, so you can work your way towards the elusive Shadow Lugia.

What's The Best Pokémon GO Tapu Fini Weakness?

Being a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokémon, the Tapi Fini weakness options you'll want to go for are Electric, Grass, and Poison. Use moves and Pokémon of those types to deal super-effective damage and secure the win.

Unlike some Legendary Pokémon, like Rayquaza, there's no 4x Tapu Fini weakness to count on here. Anything one type is weak to is resisted by its other. No quadruple damage multipliers means you'll struggle to clear this raid with only two top-tier players, making four or more the best approach.

The Pokémon GO Tapu Fini weakness calls for Pokémon like Electivire.
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Pokémon GO Tapu Fini - Best Pokémon Counters

Fast move
Charged move
Thunder Shock
Thunder Shock
Charge Beam
Zap Cannon
Leaf Blade
Poison Jab
Sludge Bomb
Bullet Seed
Frenzy Plant

Use the chart above to pick the best Pokémon for exploiting the Tapu Fini weakness by type. There's a lot of powerful moves in here, and some Pokémon like Roserade are also useful for defeating the other Tapu Pokémon. If you can slot a few of these 'mons into your roster, you'll be sorted for several Alolan legendaries due to arrive soon.

Of course, we've gone for Pokémon mostly attuned to Electric, Grass, and Poison. While stocking up on one type would work as a strategy, we recommend mixing the three so you've got all the super-effective combinations in there.

Which moves Tapu Fini will use in Pokémon GO will affect the best counters list once they're revealed, but we only expect this to maybe be an issue for Grass-type Pokémon who'll shy away from the Ice-type moves a lot of Water Pokémon are capable of using.

Can Tapu Fini Be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Shiny Tapu Fini is unlikely to be available as soon as it drops in Pokémon GO. Most only have their shiny versions made available in their second raid availability period. If you only want a shiny Tapu Fini, save your Raid Passes for now.

What Moves Does Tapu Fini Use in Pokémon GO?

Now Tapu Fini is in Pokémon GO, we've got a look at the moves it can use in battle. That'll help you decide which counters to prepare, and exactly what to expect when you go into battle.

Fast moves
Charged moves
Water Gun
Hidden Power
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

That's it for our Pokémon GO Tapu Fini weakness and best counters guide. Though it's not much use right now unless you're prepping teams for the future, bookmarking this page will get you quick access back in as soon as Tapu Fini drops in Pokémon GO. While you're waiting, why not brush up on the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex to see all of the Generation nine critters we know so far?

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