Pokémon GO Community Day May 2022 - Start Time and How to Get Alolan Geodude

Image of Lapras in Pokémon GO.

The latest Pokémon GO Community Day for May 2022 is almost upon us, with a fresh Pokémon hitting the headlines. Each month, Niantic runs these events to spotlight a certain Pokémon, increasing their frequency in the wild and providing more rewards for catching them. As such, we've got the lowdown on the Community Day for May 2022, and the Alolan Geodude that's headlining.

In this Pokémon GO guide, we'll run through all the key details you need to know about the May 2022 Community Day. That includes information on when it starts, how long it lasts for, and the special promotions that make it worth participating in.

Elsewhere in the realm of Pokémon GO, we've got the lowdown on the Niantic Community Day for May 2022, which is its own beast entirely. That's alongside the latest Ditto disguises for May 2022, as well as the best Tapu Fini weaknesses for tough raid battles.

When Is The Pokémon GO Community Day May 2022 Start Time?

The Pokémon GO Community Day for May 2022 takes place on Saturday May 21, 2022. As with other Community Days, it's a limited-time event that takes place on just one day each month.

Even better, the Community Day start time is relative to each time zone, so there's never a case of it starting in the middle of the night. It kicks off at 11am in your local time, giving you plenty of time to claim the rewards and catch the highlighted Pokémon.

How Long Will Pokémon GO Community Day May 2022 Last?

The May 2022 Community Day lasts from 11am to 2pm in your local time zone, so everyone will get a chance to take part in their respective daytime. It gives you three hours to put on an incense on and catch as many wild Pokémon as you can.

Of course, if it gets to 2pm and you aren't happy with the amount of Pokémon you've caught or XP you've earned, worry not. The next Community Day will occur in June, so you only need to wait a month until the next one takes place.

What Shinies Will Be in Pokémon GO Community Day May 2022?

The Pokémon set to spotlight this Community Day is Alolan Geodude. It will appear more frequently in the wild in this period, with an equally increased boost in the likelihood of catching a shiny one.

On top of that, any lures or incenses activated during the Community Day will last for three hours, the full duration, instead of the usual 30 minutes. You'll also get 3x Stardust and 2x candy for catching any Pokémon, which is another handy boost.

Equally, if you manage to evolve an Alolan Graveler to an Alolan Golem during the three-hour promotion, it'll come with the Rollout fast attack - an exclusive move that it normally can't learn.

How Do I Sign Up For Pokémon GO Community Day May 2022?

To access this event, you don't need to do anything special. The Community Day is free to all players; you simply have to be there, playing Pokémon GO during the specified times.

However, if you want access to an exclusive research task, called A Rocky Road, you'll need to purchase a ticket for it in the shop. It'll cost $1 or your equivalent local currency, letting you partake in these limited-time quests.

That's it for our look at the May 2022 Community Day in Pokémon GO! While we wait for it to start, why not check out the best Mega Latias counters, to give you a chance of catching a legendary.

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