Pokemon GO Mega Latias Counters and Weakness Chart

Image of Latias in Pokémon.

Image of Latias in Pokémon.

Ready to dive into the toughest Pokemon GO raids in a while? This guide will show you the best Mega Latias counters you can gather up for the fight so you can work towards catching the returning, transformed Dragon/Psychic-type legendary Pokemon - and the first of its kind to Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO.

Down below, we're going to quickly run through the best Pokemon to take into a Mega Latias raid, the weaknesses you'll want to exploit, and the moves you'll want to use and watch out for. As the first set of mega legendary battles, they're tough. You need to come prepared.

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What's The Best Pokemon GO Mega Latias Weakness?

Regular Damage
2x Damage
4x Damage
Ground, Fighting, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic
Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel
Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

Mega Latios counters are technically a dime a dozen. The Pokemon's weaknesses are unsurprisingly similar to her close associate Latios, making Dragon, Ice, Dark, Fairy, Bug, and Ghost Pokemon deal maximum damage - even more so if the weather is in your favour and the Pokemon is of the same type as the super-effective attack it's using.

All of those types are worth a 2x damage boost due to their effectiveness. Sadly, a 4x Mega Latios weakness doesn't exist due to its Psychic/Dragon typing effectively not sharing a common weakness.

Given Mega Latias has a base CP of 80,545, you'll need some incredibly high-level Pokemon and a large team to knock this one out of its nest. Read on below to learn of the 'mons you'll want to train up for this decisive battle.

Image of the Pokémon Gengar.
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Pokemon GO Mega Latias - Best Counters

Fast move
Charged move
Dragon Tail
Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Dragon Tail
Dragon Breath
Shadow Ball
Powder Snow
Shadow Ball
Giratina (origin)
Shadow Claw
Shadow Ball
Frost Breath
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The following Pokemon are most useful for the Mega Latias raid. We've also included the movesets that'll prove most effective, so you can get your lineup totally ready to dive in.

They're laid out in a way that ranks them based on a mixture of strength and ease of access, so while a few legendary Pokemon further down will deal more damage, they're much more difficult to level up to a suitable stage due to the rarity of their candies.

Dragon-type Pokemon feature high at the top, and while they're bound to deal considerable damage, they're also highly vulnerable if the Mega Latias you fight has access to one or two of its potential Dragon-type attacks. Having access to the Fairy-type Charm only makes it even more risky.

What Moves Does Mega Latias Use In Pokemon GO?

Fast moves
Charged moves
Zen Headbutt, Dragon Breath, Charm
Psychic, Outrage, Thunder, Luster Purge

These are the moves that Mega Latias will send your way during those punishing six-star raids.

Psychic moves are the focus with Latias, especially the ultra-rare Luster Purge, a move that only a small amount of Pokemon can learn. Unsurprisingly, Latias' moveset is broadly similar to Latios', and as such if you've already completed one, then preparing for the other shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

That's it for our look at the best Mega Latias counters in Pokemon GO! It's set to remain in the raid rotation until May 10, so you've got just under a week to collect both Latias and Latios. Once you're done, feel free to check out our best Arlo counters for May 2022 to defeat the Team GO Rocket leader!

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