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When Does The Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event Start?

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It's been nearly five years since Overwatch first launched, and it's time for the annual celebrations to begin. While Blizzard are busy preparing Overwatch 2, the original game is still getting support as we wait, and each year has brought us a new anniversary event.


However, that event has started on a different date every year, and not on the anniversary itself. So, if you're wondering when 2021's Overwatch Anniversary Event is likely to get underway, here's everything you need to know.

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Overwatch Anniversary 2021 - What Can We Expect?

We're still awaiting details from Blizzard, but they've followed a similar format the past four years for Overwatch's anniversary. That often brings new character cosmetics, event challenges, and more.

You can read more here, but if you're interested in the wider Overwatch events calendar too, we've also got you covered.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021 - When Does It Begin?

Overwatch first launched on May 24th 2016, but Anniversary events have historically lasted for three weeks and two days. Furthermore, this has always gone live on the Tuesday before May 24th.

So, if we follow that pattern, we'd expect this to go live on May 18th. Right now, Blizzard hasn't confirmed this, but given previous timings, we'd be surprised if they don't stick with it.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021 - When Did It Start In Previous Years?

None of the past anniversary events have occurred on the same date, but as mentioned above, they follow a consistent pattern. For your reference, here's when they previously dropped.

  • 2017: May 23rd – June 12th
  • 2018: May 22nd – June 11th
  • 2019: May 21st – June 10th
  • 2020: May 19th – June 9th
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